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Strategic Program Guide 2019 (JPG)A Robust and Well-Rounded Education

Patrick Henry College's Strategic Intelligence program seeks to integrate quality classroom education with practical experience, leadership opportunities, and a classical liberal arts perspective. The Strategic Intelligence in National Security Major equips students with a respect for the intelligence function and its role in defending a free society, and cultivates their ability to anticipate moral, ethical, and mission challenges in order to defend the security of the United States.


Learn more about this one-of-a-kind program, its faculty, and alumni in the program guide.



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IAFIE SealCertified by the International Association for Intelligence Education

Patrick Henry College is the only Christian school with IAFIE certification. Additionally, PHC is one of two undergraduate programs in the U.S. providing BA degrees in national security with IAFIE certification.



Cyber and AI Track

What is the Cyber Domain and Artificial Intelligence Track?


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Still in high school?

We've got just the thing for you! Join us for Strategic Intelligence camp at Patrick Henry College. SI camp functions as a unique environment for Christian teens to interact with the idea of “How should intelligence look from a Christian perspective?” In our era, terrorism, privacy, security, legality, technology, and culture present increasingly thorny situations that touch intelligence and are extremely relevant to everyday citizens, both as patriots and as Christians. Through lectures, activities, simulations and discussions, SI Camp attempts to help students begin developing a framework for understanding key questions. 


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