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"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..." -Matthew 28:19

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Strategic Intelligence

June 19- June 25

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Strategic Intelligence Camp

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“...there is no security, no safety, in the appeasement of evil. It must be the core of Western policy that there be no sanctuary for terror, and to sustain such a policy, free men and free nations must unite and work together.
– Ronald Reagan

Strategic Intelligence Camp functions as a unique environment for Christian teens to interact with the idea of “How should intelligence look from a Christian perspective?” In our era, terrorism, privacy, security, legality, technology, and culture present increasingly thorny situations that touch intelligence and are extremely relevant to everyday citizens, both as patriots and as Christians. Through lectures, activities, simulations, and discussions, SI Camp attempts to help students begin developing a framework for understanding key questions. While at Strategic Intelligence camp, you will:

  • Participate in a Crisis Management Exercise, which simulates how the government responds to intelligence emergencies.
  • Rise to the challenge of working through some of the most complicated global problems in team-based discussions.
  • Listen to the stories of professionals who have lived their lives in the intelligence community, and gain insight into the unique rewards and challenges of navigating the intelligence arena.
  • Begin developing the foundation necessary to be an informed citizen in intelligence matters.
  • Explore what principles the Bible brings to a discussion that is often relegated to the legal realm.


Have you attended the Strategic Intelligence Camp before? If so, there is a special track available just for you! SI: Advanced Track is designed to allow students who have already been to SI Camp to dive a little deeper into some of the more complex challenges of the intelligence field. This addition to Strategic Intelligence Camp replaces Strategic Intelligence: Level 2 and will run concurrently with the Entry Track camp.

This Advanced Track will involve special lectures and additional guided research into specific issues and countries that are likely to be major international players in the next few years. Campers in this track are expected to help shepherd the Entry Track campers who have not attended before, as much of their prior experience will carry over.

If you are serious about pursuing strategic intelligence as a career, dive deeper into the field with this Advanced Track for returning campers only.

Registration closes June 16.


S.I. Camp


Instructor: Sam Watkins

Sam Watkins is a graduate of PHC's Strategic Intelligence track ('15) and proud Kentuckian who has vowed to keep her southern roots intact no matter where she goes. During her time at PHC, she enjoyed working on several projects, including leading the FBI Counterintelligence Journal, teaching and mentoring new freshmen in PHC's Introduction to Intelligence, and playing the U.S. President during crisis simulations.

Sam interned at the Bureau of Diplomatic Security in the State Department and hopes to go back someday as a full time employee overseas. She has been involved with SI camp for 5 years and continues towards her goal of making each year better than the last. During her limited free time, she spends entirely too much time cuddling with her beloved cats, and she loves nothing more than dancing, fiction writing, and making messes in the kitchen and calling it cooking.

Constitutional Law

June 26 - July 2

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Constitutional Law Camp

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“Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.
– Abraham Lincoln

When our government officials take the oath of office, they do not pledge faithfulness to the government, the president, or even the nation itself—they promise to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. But many Americans are functionally illiterate when it comes to the Constitution. The nation and the courts now seem to use the Constitution to support ideologies and policies directly contrary to the Founding Fathers’ intent. How have we arrived here and is there a way forward where these issues can be addressed?

At Constitutional Law Camp, you will explore our nation's founding documents and precedent-setting Supreme Court decisions. You’ll get familiar with legal terms and complex judicial and legislative concepts, while learning to reflect critically about the Constitution’s original intent. You will receive cases to decide as if you were a member of the Supreme Court, and you will get to apply the legal principles that you have learned to come up with an oral opinion as Supreme Court Justices. Leave camp with a thorough understanding of the world’s first and longest-standing written constitution, the basis for how our country and its freedoms work. 

Students will take an active role in learning the Constitution through group exercises, research, and presentations. In a dynamic, hands-on format, Constitutional Law Camp will scratch the surface of these issues and help you think through what your response will be and how you might be a part of recovering important pieces of our great republic.

Registration closes June 23.



Michael DonnellyInstructor: Michael Donnelly, J.D., LL.M.

Michael Donnelly is an HSLDA Senior Counsel and Director of Global Outreach. He has taught constitutional law at PHC for over a decade, has a J.D. from the Boston University School of Law, and an LL.M. in Comparative Constitutional and Human Rights Law from the London School of Economics. At HSLDA, he serves members in six states and coordinates support for homeschooling freedom all over the world. He is a member of the bars of three states and the United States Supreme Court. Mike’s previous experience includes combat service during the first Persian Gulf War as a United States Army cavalry officer and private legal practice. Mike is an internationally published writer and speaker on the subject of homeschooling, educational freedom, parental and human rights. He and his wife homeschool their seven children.

Leadership & Worldview

June 26 - July 2

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Leadership and Worldview Camp

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“And David shepherded them with integrity of heart;
with skillful hands he led them.
– Psalm 78:72

We are each called to be influencers for the glory of God.  Part of working out that calling is learning about your unique “leadership shape”—the way that God has hard-wired you to interact with people, to process information and to make decisions.  In this camp we will help students discover their leadership strengths as well as areas where they have the opportunity for growth.  The material is interactive and involves fast-paced team projects, fun simulations and constructive feedback.  We will learn about vision statements, organizing and running team meetings, and even develop a marketing campaign for the Lake Bob Underwater Marine Observatory and Discovery Center, just for fun.

Leadership also includes the ability to listen well and interact with people who are very different from you.  The Worldviews portion of the camp will focus on examining four principle worldviews (humanism/atheism, polytheism, pantheism and monotheism) to understand how each would answer four basic questions of:

Origin - Where did we come from? Is there a God?

Meaning - Why are we here? Is there meaning for our existence?

Morality - What accounts for the way we interact with each other? Do right / wrong, good / bad really exist?

Destiny – Is this all there is? Is there life after death?  How do our actions now impact that destiny?

Is there any common ground?  What are the major differences? 
Does a particular worldview pass the two tests for truth:  correspondence and coherence?

Students need a well-reasoned apologetic (defense) of their faith now more than ever! They also need to understand what it means to have a faith that is based on the Person of Christ versus a faith that is based on ever-changing cultural norms. This camp will help students develop a mental and spiritual grid for sifting and sorting through the barrage of cultural messages that confront them every day. In addition, it will give them tools for leading and interacting in a diverse environment in ways that add light, not heat, to potentially divisive conversations.

Registration closes June 23.


L&W Camp-1


Instructor: Jack Haye

Haye official 2022 headshot 1

President Jack Haye is a 30-year veteran of the corporate banking world. He holds degrees from Baylor University and American Graduate School of International Management, including a Masters of International Management-Finance and Accounting. President Haye spent nearly twenty years as a banking executive at Wells Fargo and for ten years (2002-2012) held the position of Executive Vice President and National Manager. He served on the Board of Visitors at Baylor University (1986-1992), and as a founding member of PHC's Board of Trustees (1998-Present), having served as the Board Chairman since 2000.

Before becoming President of Patrick Henry College in August 2015, President Haye served as Executive Pastor of First Baptist Church of McKinney, a 5000-member church located near Dallas, Texas. His responsibilities there included staff development, budget management, development and delivery of apologetics teaching series, and oversight of both local and international missional engagement in the areas of orphan care, education, and human trafficking.

Literature & History

June 26 - July 2

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Literature Camp

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“How does one balance the fallen and redeemed aspects of life in the artistic portrayal of human experience in the world?" 
– Leland Ryken

Leland Ryken writes in The Liberated Imagination: Thinking Christianly About the Arts that history "tell[s] us what happened, while literature tells us what happens." Both are vitally important for Christian education. How does good literature interact with history? What can the Western canon teach us about humans and cultures? What makes a book a classic that history will remember? Last year we came together to discuss the impact of great authors Homer, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and C.S. Lewis, whose writings shaped society and history. This year's camp will focus on Classics & Culture, exploring what worldview and culture surround several Western classics and how these classics reflect the history of their time. Students will discuss what makes a classic and on the final day will evaluate a recent work to predict how well it may stand the test of time. Authors include Dante, Shakespeare, Conrad, and Robinson. Booklist for Summer 2022: Dante's Inferno, Henry V, Heart of Darkness, and Gilead.

Registration closes June 23.



Instructor: Jennifer Schlaudt

Jennifer Schlaudt headshotJennifer Schlaudt is a former Teen Camper, a PHC alumna, and a lover of classic literature. Her Literature degree has opened doors for tutoring, teaching, and curriculum advising—not to mention zealous book clubbing. For over 10 years, Jennifer has invested in high school students at HSLDA Online Academy. Several of those years were focused on teaching and several more on oversight and administration. Her current role as the Academy Director is a privilege, though her love for AP® English Literature & Composition is undiminished.

As an English teacher and a lifelong reader, Jennifer loves opening students’ eyes to the beauty of language and literature—especially poetry. She is thrilled to be part of this year’s Literature & History camp. When she is not reading, Jennifer loves paddleboarding, scrapbooking, and tracking classic authors through beautiful, historic places.

Moot Court

July 3 - July 9

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Moot Court Camp Image

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“The President and the Congress are all very well in their way. They can say what they think they think, but it rests with the Supreme Court to decide what they have really thought.
– Theodore Roosevelt

Moot Court provides an opportunity for students to explore Constitutional issues. A traditional law school activity, now growing in the undergraduate arena, Moot Court prepares students for the rigors of arguing a case before the United States Supreme Court. This camp will introduce campers to Moot Court, teaching them how to analyze and defend a case. Campers will have the opportunity to work with and be coached by former collegiate Moot Court national competitors. Beginners and veterans alike are welcome!

Registration closes June 30.



Instructor: Susan H. Johnson

Susan Johnson

PHC Forensics Program Director Susan Johnson brings more than a decade of coaching and organizational experience in high school and collegiate Mock Trial, Moot Court, and Debate to her role as Patrick Henry College Forensics Program Director.

Serving on the Boards of Directors for the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA), American Moot Court Association (AMCA), and National High School Mock Trial Competition (NHSMTC), she is deeply involved in the forensics community nationwide. Sue has been published in the North Carolina State Bar Journal and various newsletters and has authored or co-authored more than a dozen mock trial cases at the high school and collegiate levels. She earned her B.A., summa cum laude, and M.P.H., magna cum laude, from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, as well as a certificate in Nonprofit Management from Duke University. As a strong supporter of Patrick Henry College, Sue is passionate about developing young men and women to lead the nation and shape the culture for Christ.

Entrepreneurship & Economics

July 3 - July 9

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Entrepreneurship & Economics Camp

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“People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.
– Simon Sinek

At this camp, you will discover the crucial role of economics and the entrepreneur in our society. We will venture beyond the basics and explore the interplay of Christian values, free markets, economic policy, analytics, and cutting edge business practices. This camp is for all levels of business or economics experience. You will benefit from direct interaction with PHC's experienced faculty and staff. The camp culminates in a capstone project of your choice in either entrepreneurship or economic policy. At Entrepreneurship & Economics camp, you will:

  • Dive into active discussions and learn how the market affects entrepreneurs.
  • Put economics into action with live simulations ending with a business pitch to a "tank" of leadership at the college.
  • Discover the vital role of entrepreneurs in our economy.
  • Wrestle with business ethics from a biblical perspective.
  • Explore how analytics improves business success.
  • Consider business leadership and start learning what it takes to be an entrepreneur.
  • Venture into the larger world of economic policy and entrepreneurship.

Guest presenters will include Prof. Nathan Russell, Assistant Professor of Economics, and Howard Schmidt, PHC’s Executive Vice President and Director of the Economics & Business Analytics program. Read his bio here.

Registration closes June 30.


Econ Class Offerings


Instructor: Justine Van Nessjustine teen camp 2

Justine Van Ness graduated from Patrick Henry College with a degree in Economics & Business Analytics. During her time at PHC, Justine served as an RA, the team captain of the Lady Sentinel Soccer Team, and a member of PHC’s top mock trial team, placing 3rd at the National Championship Tournament. Currently, Justine works as a business analyst for the United States federal government and is excited to share her love for business strategy, data analytics, and economics with teen campers this summer. When she’s not crunching numbers and creating data visualizations, Justine loves wakeboarding, playing piano, and traveling to beautiful places around the world.


July 3 - July 9

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Speech Camp Image

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“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, and to sit down and listen.
– Winston Churchill

From college applications and internships, to job interviews and casual conversations, communications skills are paramount to success. Whether you love being center stage and already have experience in public speaking or you prefer to stay behind the scenes and feel ill at the thought of an audience, this camp is perfect for you. This camp places a special emphasis on the importance of both character and critical thinking in communication. Packed full of practical instruction and personal coaching, this camp will help students step outside of their comfort zone and develop the ability to:

  • Think quickly on their feet.
  • Create phenomenal first impressions.
  • Formulate clear responses to difficult questions.
  • Captivate and convince their audience.
  • Increase their influence.
  • Communicate with confidence and poise under pressure.

This camp is for any student who wants to increase their influence as an articulate leader. Students can expect to practice all principles taught through personalized coaching, drills, games, and friendly competition.

There are no prerequisites required to attend this camp. Camp material is revamped each year, so returning students are welcome and can expect new lessons and activities to take their communication to the next level! The objective of this camp is for all students to leave with an ignited passion for communication and a solid foundation for how to successfully develop the logical premises of their position.

Registration closes June 30.


Speech Camp Courses


Instructor: Christian FernandezChristian Fernandez

An alumnus of Patrick Henry College, Professor Christian Fernandez holds a Bachelors of Arts in Literature and a Master of Letters in Shakespeare and Performance. As a student, he competed in Mock Trial all four years of college, leading several teams, earning multiple individual awards, and competing at the National Championship Tournament twice. Furthermore, he has coached several students to National Championship rankings in Lincoln-Douglas Debate and Moot Court. 

Professor Fernandez's studies include English literature, classical rhetoric, orations, and theatrical history. His focus is on the intersection between classical rhetorical theory and the rhetoric of early modern English drama. Alongside his studies, Professor Fernandez has directed multiple classical plays, including Shakespeare's As You Like It and Macbeth and Sophocles' Oedipus Rex


July 10 - July 16

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Debate Camp Shot

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“In all debates, let truth by thy aim, not victory, or an unjust interest.
– William Penn

Debate Camp will be a stellar experience for anyone who wants to learn how to think, communicate, and persuade. Whether you're a seasoned debater who wants to win nationals or just wants to persuade someone on Facebook, this camp is for you. We will cover everything from basic logic and rhetorical skills to advanced non-verbal persuasion strategies. Through sessions, practice debate rounds, and practical drills, students will leave better equipped to speak truth in a winsome, loving manner.

Never debated before? Debate Camp will help you grasp the skill. Advanced debater? We will dive into the intricacies of persuasion and advanced debate theory to help you refine your skill.

Debate tactics for Team Policy and Lincoln Douglas will be covered during camp, giving you a head start on your preparation for the coming competition year. Students will also learn the finer points of rhetoric, tying their preparation into everyday life that you can take with you into adulthood.

Registration closes July 7.

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Debate Camp Courses


Instructor: Aaron Kamakawiwoole

Aaron Kamakawiwoole

PHC Civic Debate Coach Aaron Kamakawiwoole is an NCFCA Region 1 LD Champion (2006) who did both Team Policy (2001-2005) and Lincoln-Douglas (2005-2006) debate in high school. He also competed in a high school secular league that allowed him to argue the unconstitutionality of Roe v. Wade before a member of the Hawaii Supreme Court. In college Aaron was part of both the PHC Team Value team and AMCA Moot Court team, which he captained during his senior year.
Since graduating from PHC in 2011, Aaron has coached moot court teams and judged almost 100 rounds in NCFCA and Stoa combined, mostly through attending tournaments as part of the Office of Admissions at Patrick Henry College. Aaron currently serves as coach for PHC's Civic Debate program.
In his spare time Aaron loves hiking, strategy gaming, reading, anything involving a power drill, and movie nights with his wife.

WJI Multi-Media Journalism

July 10 - July 16

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World Journalism Camp

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“The three most important skills of a journalist, then, are the abilities to see the world clearly, think clearly, and write clearly. We help students do that.
– Dr. Les Sillars

At WORLD Journalism Institute Multi-Media Camp, you’ll experience life as a reporter in a digital world. You will learn how to conduct interviews, how to record and edit video and audio files, and how to tell stories. Mostly importantly, you’ll discover how to think biblically about the news. You will find and craft stories for several platforms and practice engaging your audience. Learn how to:

  • Ask good questions and conduct successful interviews.
  • Tell compelling, true stories in today’s media culture.
  • Apply journalistic techniques across a variety of platforms, including web, video, and radio.
  • Wrestle with journalism ethics and cultivate a Christian worldview.
  • Experience the multi-media world of modern reporting.

Registration closes July 7.


MMJ Camp-2


Instructor: Dr. Les Sillars

Dr. Les Sillars

Dr. Les Sillars directs the Journalism Program at Patrick Henry College. He teaches courses in the Journalism major, directs internships, serves as a student adviser, and oversees the student newspaper. Dr. Sillars is Mailbag Editor at WORLD magazine and a commentator and reporter for WORLD’s radio show, The World & Everything In It. His writing has appeared in The Weekly Standard, Touchstone, The National Post, The Gospel Coalition, The American Conservative, and other publications. His first book, Intended for Evil: A Survivor's Story of Love, Faith, and Courage in the Cambodian Killing Fields, came out in November 2016.
You can listen to one of his TW&E commentaries here.
Guest instructors will include Paul Butler, features editor at WORLD Radio, and more.

Drama & Theater

July 10 - July 16

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Eden Troupe Camp

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“Some are born great, some achieve greatness,
and some have greatness thrust upon them.
Twelfth Night Act 2, Scene 5

The camp is split into two basic branches – performance and production. For those of you interested in pursuing performance, you will receive hands-on instruction in stage and screen acting, beginning with the audition process and ending with a final performance. If you are interested in production, you will have the unique opportunity to train in the design and presentation of a production, from the pitch to producers to the final fadeout. If you’re interested in both aspects - even better. Every actor/crewmember should expect to learn both on and offstage elements throughout the week.

Registration closes July 7.

DT Camp


Christian FernandezInstructor: Christian Fernandez

An alumnus of Patrick Henry College, Professor Christian Fernandez holds a Bachelors of Arts in Literature and a Master of Letters in Shakespeare and Performance. As a student, he competed in Mock Trial all four years of college, leading several teams, earning multiple individual awards, and competing at the National Championship Tournament twice. Furthermore, he has coached several students to National Championship rankings in Lincoln-Douglas Debate and Moot Court. 

Professor Fernandez's studies include English literature, classical rhetoric, orations, and theatrical history. His focus is on the intersection between classical rhetorical theory and the rhetoric of early modern English drama. Alongside his studies, Professor Fernandez has directed multiple classical plays, including Shakespeare's As You Like It and Macbeth and Sophocles' Oedipus Rex