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The Cyber and AI Track

in the Strategic Intelligence Major


What is the Cyber Domain and Artificial Intelligence Track?

This Track in the Strategic Intelligence Major prepares students for entry into junior technical roles and future leadership roles in the cyber domain which is rapidly applying emerging artificial intelligence techniques. 

Cyber & AI Track graduates learn:

  • The grammar of the cyber domain and of the emerging artificial intelligence techniques
  • The logic of these driving arenas from hands-on experience
  • The rhetoric issues regarding security, ethics, and emerging moral issues in these arenas.

From the program faculty to the program's international certification to the unmatched internships available in the nation's capital, the S.I. Major and the Cyber & AI Track set it apart from all undergraduate colleges in America, Christian or otherwise.

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PHC Seal Logo   S.I. Program Overview


A comprehensive 63-credit classical liberal arts core, emphasizing Theology, Philosophy, History, Literature, Logic, Rhetoric, and more, builds a foundation for students to think, write, and speak at an advanced level.


Students receive extensive preparation in critical thinking, analytic methodologies, and advanced data science applications by faculty with decades of applied, professional experience.


Special projects provide students with hand-on experience in team dynamics, practical leadership, and strong relations within the Intelligence Community.


Students will be prepared to confront difficult and complex intelligence and national security problems from a Christian worldview.


Work opportunities with strategic partners in government, industry, and think tanks provide graduates with workplace experience and security clearances. 

Undergirding these specific aspects of the major is the Core Curriculum, which teaches the historical emphasis on free markets in American economics as well as fundamental political theory, logic, and biblical theology. The Core Curriculum emphasizes good writing and verbal communication skills. Graduates will be prepared to enter directly into the business world, graduate studies, or the public policy arena.


PHC Seal Logo   Why Cyber and AI at PHC?

In addition to the core courses in the S.I. Major, students in the Cyber & AI Track take a variety of courses in data science, big data tools, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and advanced technology and ethics in intelligence and national security. Capstone experiences include an Area Study, a cyber-related internship, and a cyber research and writing project under faculty supervision.


Cyber and AI Track approach

Scope and Approach of the PHC Cyber and AI Track



PHC Seal Logo   Why Study at PHC?

The PHC Cyber & AI Track blends liberal arts with an in-depth focus on technology from the per-spective of a Christian worldview and enables students to address the growing set of cyber and AI challenges as well as opportunities that deeply affect our nation’s security, law, and culture. This program is tailored to enable liberal arts students to understand the emerging issues in cyber and artificial intelligence and innovate solutions based on that broad understanding of the human story.

Why study Cyber and AI at a Christian, liberal arts college?

• The most difficult cyber and AI issues are not technical;
• Emerging issues and opportunities are increasingly impacting pivot points of culture, law, and politics;
• Solutions need broad understanding of history, culture, law, and strategic trends within the emerging technologies.

Who should consider this study area?

Students should consider this Track if they are interested in: 
• US military policy, capabilities, and operations; or
• Law and policy for national security, advanced technology, social media, big data, intellectual property; or
• Social media, privacy, communications, military information operations, and media and technology regulation.


Track Courses
Directed Study
Directed Study 2

Still in High School?

The Summer Strategic Intelligence Camp (“Spy Camp”) at Patrick Henry College may be just what will help you decide whether our Strategic Intelligence Program is what you are seeking. It functions as a unique environment for Christian teens to interact with the idea of “How should intelligence look from a Christian perspective?”

If you have already attended the Strategic Intelligence Camp, there is a special track available just for you! The SI: Advanced Track is designed to allow students who have already been to SI Camp to dive a little deeper into some of the more complex challenges of the intelligence field.


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Alumni Testimonial

PHC's SI Cyber Track offers a practical way for cyber-interested students to gain valuable understanding of key grammar, concepts, and career opportunities in the cyber domain. The track includes introductory courses for students to explore what "clicks" while also providing flexibility through cyber internships and valuable professional certifications. By integrating experience from special projects, IT Help Desk, and a Security+ certification into my degree program, I was fully prepared to enter a wide range of cybersecurity-oriented roles even before graduation.

-Cyber & AI Track Graduate (Class of 2021)

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