Why Wing Chapel?

Posted by Marjorie Pratt on 4/23/19 9:39 PM


PHC students attend chapel five days of the weekcorporate chapel in Town Hall every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and wing chapel led by each wing's RA every Tuesday and Thursday.

Corporate chapel provides an opportunity for the entire campusincluding staff and faculty as well as studentsto worship together. What's the point of wing chapel if we already have chapel three times a week?

What is Wing Chapel?

Wing chapel is what each wing makes it. Some wings pick a book of the Bible, a devotional, or a specific Bible study to go through together. Many groups switch between their chosen Bible study and different fellowship activities. Some will bake or play games, write notes, or walk to Dunkin' Donuts. Staff and faculty often act as special guests, coming into different wings every now and then to lead a discussion. Whatever the individual methods, wing chapel is a time of small group fellowship and an opportunity to worship in a more personal atmosphere.

What's the Point of Wing Chapel?

While corporate chapel offers a time of worship and refocus on Christ, it doesn't allow for  a time of Christ-centered fellowship. The topics of discussion are chosen by the speakers and won't always resonate with every student. Wing chapel allows time for students to experience a Bible study and discussion catered more closely to the events they're experiencing. RA's are invested in the lives of the students in their wings and have the opportunity every Tuesday and Thursday morning to cover a topic appropriate for their wing.

Wings have an average of 10 students each. These students share dorm rooms, bathrooms, food, music, blankets, and more. They share late night thoughts, speculations, emotions, and laughs. Wing chapel is a time set aside for intentional development of these relationships and intentional sharing of Christ.



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