Equipping Students for Cultural Impact: Why Economics & Business Analytics Matters

Posted by Emma Perley on 6/25/21 6:00 AM

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Patrick Henry College brings a unique perspective to the world of economics and business analytics. In today’s world, finance, economic intelligence, and leadership skills have never been more important to navigating the professional realm. 

Patrick Henry is dedicated to educating its students with a three-dimensional methodology that allows them to dive headfirst into culturally significant roles after graduation.

The Goal

The following are the three distinctives behind the Economics & Business Analytics major:

High Academic Rigor

Fidelity to the Spirit of the American Founding

An Unwavering Biblical Worldview


Economics & Business Analytics is a unique blend of classical Christian core classes detailing history, literature, and biblical studies, combined with major core classes that guide students through the art of executive leadership, economic insight, and mathematical ingenuity as a result of a rounded baseline core curriculum.

Students graduate with a thorough understanding of both past and current historical precedents, and will bring their knowledge into focus as they learn how to use advanced mathematics to analyze the past performance and current health of businesses. In addition, students will understand how governmental policy impacts both the economy at large and individual businesses, demonstrate the ability to analyze and create competitive strategies within an organization, corporation, and industry, and increase oral and written communication skills, thereby enhancing interaction with senior-level business executives.

Ethical studies at Patrick Henry impart a rich knowledge of implications for policy or theory, and students are able to look past superficial answers to find deeper, more lasting solutions that will impact positive change. 

What Makes EBA Unique?

The EBA program produces bright and intelligent leaders in the business and economic domain that will funnel a classical Christian liberal arts perspective into a narrow field of expertise. Students are equipped with a unique skill set, including historical, cultural, and major-specific critical analysis, that will prepare them to predict future outcomes, significantly engage with coworkers and leaders, and commit themselves to a dynamic work environment. 

Patrick Henry is also strategically located so that students might obtain valuable internships in our nation’s capital, only one hour away from the college. In the past, students have interned and have moved on to have successful careers at such places as Amazon, Cisco, CACI, the Koch Foundation, Uber, Oracle, Focus on the Family, and Wells Fargo.

Cultural Significance

Students at Patrick Henry College are taught core liberal arts classes that show them how to see the world from a philosophical and biblical perspective. All major curricula focus not only on the subject matter, but delve deep into the theological questions that lie underneath.

Why does leadership matter in a fallen world?

How ought Christians to live their lives in a God-glorifying way in a world of numbers and statistical analysis?

Both faith and reason found in a liberal arts core are necessary in order to impart the answers to these questions.

Why Patrick Henry?

The Mission of Patrick Henry College is to prepare Christian men and women who will lead our nation and shape our culture with timeless biblical values and fidelity to the spirit of the American founding, not in a quest for power, but in a spirit of service that is motivated by the love of Christ.

Explore the EBA Program Guide and schedule a visit to PHC today! 

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