5 Tips for Succeeding in Student Elections

Posted by Evie Fordham on 10/2/17 9:32 AM

Succeeding in Student Elections

So you want to get involved with student council at your school, but you are not sure where to start? Check out our list of tips, and you will be on your way to running your campaign for a student council position with confidence. Just remember - the point of student government is to grow you as a person as you listen and serve your fellow students. Keep that in mind, and you’ll be right on track as you try to win a student council election!

1. Figure out why you are running.

This might be the most important step in your student government campaign. Take some time to brainstorm why you are runningis it for a broad purpose, such as to promote a greater sense of unity in your class, or a specific purpose, liking bringing an art club to your school?

Finding your “why” will play into your campaign slogan and platform, so grab a notebook and start jotting down the reasons why you are running. If you have more than a few, that is great too! Pick the one that’s most important to you to focus on. 

For a creative way to record your ideas and tasks as you go through the steps of your campaign, try a bullet journal! Learn more here.

2. Be genuine in your relationships.

Knowing why you are running is important, but being an authentic person will be the glue that holds your campaign together. Make sure you are respectful of the other candidates and the faculty organizing the student elections.

After all, a member of student council has the job of representing his or her fellow students. Value what they have to say and be positive and patient as you wait for election results.


3. Come up with a campaign slogan.

Depending on your name or the name of the position you are running for, a rhyme or alliteration may be easy to come by. But chances are that you will have to work a little bit harder to come up with your slogan.

Slogans are importantyou will likely put them on your campaign posters and social media accounts, if you choose to make them. You want to be creative and memorable without making your campaign a joke or offensive.

Some good examples include “Don’t Be Hesitant! Vote Hailey for President!” and “You Want Something Done? Josh Is the One.” If you want to go a more humorous route, try a pun. You can find a pun generator here


4. Talk to your fellow students.

Do not be afraid to put yourself out there! While you are waiting for class to start, turn to a classmate at the desk beside you and ask him or her, “If you could change one thing about this school, what would it be?”

Starting a conversation about student elections can be that simple. Remember not to make absurd promises (like free pizza for lunch on Fridays) but to listen and really absorb what issues your classmates care about.


5. Prepare for your speech.

The speech that is typically required of student council candidates is what normally makes them the most nervousbut with preparation, you can be ready and do your best.

Start writing your speech at least a week before you have to deliver it so that you have time for teachers and your parents to proofread it and give suggestions. At least three days before your speech, you should be practicing it in the mirror and in front of family and friends so that you are ready to deliver it in front of an audience.

On the day of the speech, pick an outfit you feel comfortable with, arrive in the auditorium where you will be speaking early, and rememberyour audience is interested in what you have to say. They want to see you succeed.

Check out this list of reasons why you should not be afraid of public speaking.


We hope these five tips for student council success help you. Best of luck in your electoral endeavors!


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