Power Versus a True Spirit of Freedom

Posted by Jack Haye on 6/19/20 8:30 AM

Steady at the Helm

The ripple effects of the global health crisis have commanded our attention for months. Now, just since last week's message, clashes in our communities have taken over our news feeds; uncovering yet another level of unrest in our nation.

[WATCH: The first video in this series "The Founders and Religious Liberty."]

Have there been times in the past few months when you have wondered, "Where is God? Do the wind and waves still obey His command?"

In this week's message, I talk about the importance of preparation. How did God prepare His people, and how are we preparing the next generation? You’ll also hear an excerpt from a lecture by Dr. Mark Mitchell where he discusses the path that is charted when moral truths erode. His words offer a historical and theological perspective on events that are unfolding even now.

We hope that this message will encourage you during these restless times. God is at work through the storms that we encounter. He promises to never leave us. Now that is good news!

In Christ,


Jack W. Haye

President, Patrick Henry College




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