What to Expect from Orientation at Patrick Henry College

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 8/1/19 11:07 AM

Welcome, Class of 2023! We can't wait for you to join us at the end of the month. Before you arrive, we wanted to give you and your families a sense of what orientation week at Patrick Henry...

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Creation Research at the 2019 Origins Conference

Posted by David Lee on 7/30/19 4:16 PM

In mid-July, dozens of scientists, theologians, and educators gathered at Cedarville University for the 2019 Origins Conference. At this annual joint conference of the Creation Biology Society and...

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Inside Teen Leadership Camps

Posted by Leo Briceno on 7/30/19 12:51 PM

Faith Roberts says she's going to miss the sense of “togetherness” she found in the environment at Teen Leadership Camps this past summer. As miles of highway fly past her window on the drive...

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QUIZ: Which Philosopher are you?

Posted by Leo Briceno on 7/30/19 10:15 AM

Which philosopher are you?

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Five Tips to Overcome Procrastination

Posted by Leo Briceno on 7/29/19 11:01 AM

What’s worse is starting out with plenty of time, but somehow letting it all slip away! Even after hours have past, staring at that empty white screen, the pile of homework, or set of flashcards...

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Nathaniel Boyd, '09, Leads Agony Ride for the Troubled Youth

Posted by Leo Briceno on 7/26/19 2:33 PM

Nathaniel Boyd, class of ’09, is going to spend 24 hours on a bike in the heat of the Sierra Valley Desert to reach the lives of troubled youth. He’s one of the 84 bikers that have signed up so...

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Exploring the Core Curriculum at Patrick Henry College

Posted by Leo Briceno on 7/15/19 5:18 PM

Composed of 63 credits of classes, the Patrick Henry College core curriculum is designed to give students a rounded, holistic foundation—regardless of what major students may end up choosing....

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A Closer Look at the Patrick Henry College Chorale

Posted by Leo Briceno on 7/15/19 4:50 PM

When you go up on stage in a Patrick Henry College Chorale performance, you’re initially thinking about nailing the first note, shuffling around in your tuxedo, finding your proper position on the...

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Five Tips for Overcoming Anxiety about College

Posted by Leo Briceno on 7/15/19 11:07 AM

Senior year of high-school is supposed to be a time of coming-of-age and transition; it’s a period of endings and new beginnings, and it usually means college is on the horizon. For some people,...

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Benjamin Purnell's Intern Experience in Washington D.C.

Posted by Leo Briceno on 7/15/19 10:11 AM

Benjamin Purnell, a rising junior at PHC, interns in Washington D.C. for the American Legislative Exchange Council, or, as it’s more commonly known, ALEC.

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