Dear Freshmen, From Seniors

Posted by Carrie Durning on 3/18/20 3:16 PM

Dear Freshmen

Tackling academics, thriving in friendships and relationships, keeping up with family and friends at home, working a job, planning your career, ALL while seeking a relationship with God is not easy—especially as a college freshman. So, we talked with six PHC seniors about the do's and don't's to help you thrive during your college years. 

Luke Shanahan

Luke Shanahan PHC

In my time here at PHC, the most monumental change has been making my faith truly my own. I have found so much joy serving at [my church] Passion City D.C., and my advice would be to find a church that you can be an active part of. Not just a Sunday gathering, but a community, taking the time to serve. Make time for uplifting friends and good community, and know which people to distance yourself from.

In my four years here, I have learned to love this place. I have learned what Patrick Henry offers and the community of people it represents. I would encourage y’all to continue to seek the Lord in community, to see the value of the school in the hard days, and find a church that you can call home for the next 4 years! Wish y’all the best! Proverbs 20:18.


Jae Jared

Jae Jared PHC

View your time here as an opportunity to invest in your God-given talents, to build meaningful and lasting relationships, and to grow closer to God as you seek His purpose for your life. What you do here, how you live, and the habits you form here will follow you into the rest of your life.

The community here is such a rich element, and making time for friends is a must. Nowhere else will you find such a diverse group of like-minded individuals who will love you and support you through the tough times and go on adventures with you through the good times!

Time with God is precious, and it radically impacts your life. Read some verses in the morning, and pray for a friend. Read a Psalm at night, and thank God for all the blessings that day before bed. God is the most important person in your life, and when you invite Him into all the little areas, you’re inviting Him to help you and guide you and provide His presence. Isaiah 42:8-9.


Elizabeth Shannon

Elizabeth Shannon PHCWhen you find yourself especially worn down by the pace of life here, remember that it's not the sort of pace you're supposed to keep for more than four years. It's alright to become tired of this place by and by. But do not grow weary of doing good, for in due season you will graduate, if you do not give up. Rhythm and spontaneity are important in friendship. You need a weekly meal with good friends just as much as you need an occasional unplanned excursion with them.  Hebrews 12:1-2.


Kenny Kisby

Kenny Kisby PHC

Taking intentional time to personally study the Word is the most important thing that you can do, and it greatly impacted my daily attitude. College is investing in your education to pay dividends for the rest of your life. Studying the Word is investing in your relationship with God to pay dividends for all of eternity.

When I look back at my four years at PHC, I don’t remember the times that I stayed locked in my room to get school done. I think about the times I went sailing on the Chesapeake or went camping in the Shenandoah with a bunch of friends, both three days before I had major papers due. Were those my best decisions? Probably not, but they are the times that I really needed to take a break and fellowship with the great people I’ve found here at PHC. Isaiah 43:1-3a.


Daniel Weitz

Daniel Weitz PHCYour friendships will never be constant, but God will always have the right people in your life. My encouragement is: make time for friends. Make time for friends who build you up and encourage you, friends who will pray with and for you. Do the same for them too.

Be a class that is known for loving God and encouraging each other. Invest in your professors; go to their office, talk to them after class, build those relationships, because they will invest in you. Join a local church, and find a place there, serving alongside your brothers and sisters in Christ. Find leaders in the church to mentor you, because God gave us shepherds to watch over us, so take full advantage of God’s blessings. 1 Corinthians 15:58.


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