Removing the Sacred/Secular Distinctions: Biblical Studies at PHC

Posted by Emma Perley on 8/10/21 8:34 PM

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Have you considered serving in a ministerial capacity or maybe leading a Christian non-profit? Not sure what role God has for you, but maybe you want to help others learn how to study God's Word, to apply it, and to defend it? Consider a minor in biblical studies. 

Studying the Bible is one of the most important ways to rightly understanding ourselves and our world. Beyond sermons and seminars from others on Christian living, personal biblical study is enriching.

Studying the Bible in conjunction with any other subject areas is very rewarding. When you study history and the Bible, you'll better see history from the context of God's sovereignty. When you study science and the Bible, you'll suddenly have a stronger appreciation for our identity, our design, and God's intent for Creation. . . . We are training ourselves to better understand God's view of truly living, of marriage and family, of the role of government, of self-discipline, and how we ought to live, love, and serve others.

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Dr, Gene Edward Veith, 
Provost Emeritus of Patrick Henry College

The Biblical Studies minor is designed for students who wish to develop every area God has created, to learn everything possible about Jesus Christ, and to walk closely with God on a daily basis.  classes, such as

Prophecy, the Millennium, & Eschatology

Romans & Galatians

The Messiah in the Old & New Testament


Topics in Biblical Studies

Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy Minor CTA

For your vocational calling in journalism, law, government, commerce—wherever the Lord calls you to serve—you will benefit from the minor in Biblical Studies because it helps to remove the sacred/secular distinctions in the church and culture. You will learn how to be salt and light, and learn to lead as parents, citizens, and followers of Christ.

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