Why PHC Appeals to All Schooling Backgrounds

Posted by Susanna Hoffman on 4/23/19 9:29 PM

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PHC is home to students from a variety of educational backgrounds, including private school, homeschool, and public school. How does PHC unify students with such diverse backgrounds?

1. The Community

PHC unifies the diversity of its students through the close and family-like community fostered on campus. Sophomore Beka Helm, who was public schooled since third grade, had looked for a small and Christ-centered community, which she found in PHC.

“I knew that the small community, and the desire for Christ to be at the center of everything was exactly what I needed,” Helm said.

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Helm has been greatly encouraged by the close community of like-minded Christians at PHC. “It's provided me with the best group of friends that I've ever could have imagined. The friends that the Lord has blessed me with really do seek to push me towards Christ in every aspect of life, and I am so grateful for that,” Helm said.

At her public high school, Helm learned that a community of peers that support one another and point each other to Christ is unique. “I didn’t have that before coming to PHC,” she said.

Senior Ian Frith, who was private schooled, came to PHC in pursuit of the same dimension of relationship with both peers and professors that he experienced growing up. However, PHC’s community exceeded his expectations.

“Before coming to PHC I really hadn’t found anyone that I felt like I could really talk to about some family issues in my life, but my freshmen year my RA started the year off by having everyone share their testimony in wing chapel,” Frith said. “That was the first time I really opened up to people about some things, and it really helped me begin to have a stronger relationship with the Lord, other people, and grow in the way I emotionally processed difficulties in my life.”

Students coming from a homeschool background have also found a family-like community at PHC. Sophomore Grace Roberts’ close friendships within her co-op and church accustomed her to a small community, making the “small, one-big-family type of community at PHC something I longed to be a part of,” Roberts said.

2. The Academics

No matter your educational background, PHC’s rigorous academic program challenges students to develop practical and mental habits.

All of PHC's students are challenged to develop good study habits, time management skills, and self-discipline. Many high school students follow mandatory schedules, have external motivators, or have no need for a tight schedule at all. PHC's academics, however, force students to cultivate these habits on their own. Whether it be managing themselves to do school or to develop relationships, students are all faced with these challenges.

The education at PHC also challenges students mentally as they learn to think deeply and develop a biblical worldview regarding the variety of topics a classical liberal arts education challenges students with.

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Roberts said, “I've found myself reading more deeply into books, thinking more about what people think, why they think those things, and Biblical answers to their possible questions. I'm continually learning to see the significance of history, poetry, and all sorts of things in a way I never have before.”

PHC's academics are a key reason that students bond in the family-like community. As Helm said, the students lean on each other and point each other to Christ, unifying them as brothers and sisters in Christ. 


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