8 ways you can prepare for PHC

Posted by Hannah Gaschler on 2/6/24 10:03 AM

How to prepare for PHC while still in high school

If you've decided to attend PHC, here are 8 things you can do to prepare while still in high school!

1. Read and write as much as possible.

PHC’s curriculum includes many great books and primary texts, and your study will deepen if you have already encountered them. People who read a lot also find that it strengthens their writing, which is another valuable skill to have at PHC. Honing both reading and writing will make your time studying classic works at PHC more meaningful. 

2.  Keep up with math.

PHC students often find that their strengths lie in the humanities. However, two classes in PHC’s core require math: Euclidean Geometry and (especially) Physics. Taking physics in high school and mastering basic trigonometry and algebra makes Physics at PHC more enjoyable. Additionally, if math tends to be a weakness, keeping up with it will boost standardized test scores. 

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3.  Try different standardized tests.

Students who have a strong classical background might perform better on the CLT than the SAT or ACT. If you aren’t satisfied with your score on one test, it’s worth trying a different kind of test or simply taking the same test again. Often, scores improve after taking a test a few times. Although PHC does not have a minimum test score requirement, higher test scores are helpful for academic scholarships
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4.  Take classes you can get college credit for.  

Earning college credit in high school is most helpful for either testing out of classes or transferring in open-elective credits. Taking AP tests you believe may transfer or enrolling in PHC's online Distance Learning classes are both a great way to earn credits before college! Earning college credit for a foreign language is especially helpful, even if you complete only the elementary level. 

5. Participate in musical activities.

Classical education has included music for centuries and has a lot of benefits, including honing focus, attention to detail, and performance skills. Musicians at PHC form close communities, such as through the chamber orchestra, chorale, or other ensembles. Plus, it’s a great study break. Musicians can also apply for PHC’s J.S. Bach Scholarship.

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6. Seek opportunities to keep learning and growing.

In addition to investing in your high school classes, opportunities include engaging in local academic discussions and developing speaking skills, such as through speech and debate competitions. TeenPact, Generation Joshua, and the National Bible Bee are excellent organizations for learning and growing with other students. Explore PHC’s TeenCamps as well to keep growing in the summer!

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7. Pursue leadership and service opportunities.

Students who balance academics and extracurriculars stand out to the Admissions team, and those students will also be better prepared for the challenge of balancing life at PHC. Leadership and service are especially important because they reflect a heart living for Christ. So, as you apply to colleges, think of ways you can serve others—not only to impress Admissions, but also to grow as a person. 

8. Grow your relationship with the Lord.

This is the most important, because your relationship with the Lord matters, no matter which college you attend. Students should be able to articulate their faith before they sign PHC’s Statement of Faith. Your first priority is your relationship with the Lord. 

To learn more specifics about preparation including homeschool transcripts, scholarships, and college credit, check out PHC's High School Resource Guide!

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