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The mission of the Patrick Henry College Music Department is to develop and exercise the musical gifts and talents of its students in a way that honors the Lord, represents the college with distinction, and prepares and motivates students toward life-long service. PHC offers a robust set of programs and a full music minor, attracting some of the best and brightest musical talent from across the country. 



  • Chapel Worship: The Chapel Worship Teams provide the music for our chapel services three times each week on a rotational basis. Participation is open to all PHC students (vocalists and instrumentalists) by audition. Chapel Worship Team members meet regularly to discuss the spiritual and practical/musical issues associated with developing and learning to be worship leaders in a devotional setting.
  • Chamber Orchestra: A chamber orchestra for those with pre-college instrumental experience. This ensemble plays an exciting variety of literature, concertizing on campus and with the PHC Chorale. Orchestra is offered as a class for credit.
  • Harp Ensemble: A small group of pedal harp players who meet weekly for group instruction under the guidance of the Chamber Orchestra Director. The Harp Ensemble is featured in departmental concerts, seasonal concerts and provides music for campus events.
  • Chorale: A mixed-voice choir, open to all students by audition. This ensemble performs a wide variety of historical and modern literature, representing the college with performances both on campus and on tour. Chorale is offered as a class for credit.
  • Music Minor: The Music Minor provides a solid foundation for those who wish to add formal training in music theory, conducting, music pedagogy, applied music, arts and worship in the church, and more to their college studies. All music courses are open to all PHC students who wish to enroll, regardless of major or minor.
  • Applied Music Study: Voice, Piano, Flute & Strings: For those who wish to study applied voice, piano, or string performance, we offer instruction at all levels, including advanced study. Our applied instructors have been trained at the best conservatories and are all excellent performers and pedagogues. Applied study is offered for credit.



Patrick Henry College also offers J.S. Bach Music Scholarships to students with refined musical skills who wish to use them in service on our campus. This scholarship is awarded to qualified students who make a commitment to participate in one of our four musical programs (Chapel Worship, Orchestra, Harp Ensemble, Chorale) or perform as an accompanist. These awards may be annually renewed for students in good standing with the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee. All recipients of the J.S. Bach Scholarship should model musical skills enabling them to serve in a variety of musical contexts, make valid musical decisions, and shepherd others toward Christ through artistic excellence and fidelity to the Holy Scriptures. PHC offers music scholarships in the following areas: Chapel Worship, Cello, Violin, Harp, Viola, Piano, Voice, and other orchestral instruments.


Thank you for your interest in music at Patrick Henry College. Please contact your Admissions Counselor with any questions.