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As a small, private, classical liberal arts college, PHC has traditionally attracted a large number of homeschoolers. But you don’t need a homeschool diploma or a background in classical liberal arts to fit in and thrive at PHC. Several PHC students from public and private school backgrounds shared with us how they learned about PHC and how their schools prepared them for a rigorous college program.

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Q: What piqued your interest in PHC?

Maggie, junior Gov. major, American Politics and Policy (APP) track: A friend of mine who lives in California told me about it a few months before I applied. Before that, I’d never heard of it — even though I live in Virginia!

Kianna, sophomore Gov. major, APP track: I heard about the college through my dad, who heard about PHC on a Christian radio program. I’ve always been interested in a career in government, so the APP program, proximity to Washington D.C., and Christian worldview drew me here.

Beth, sophomore Journalism major: When I was a sophomore, I decided to save every college mailing I received. That didn’t last long, but when my mom suggested looking into PHC, I remembered their postcard!

Mikayla, senior Gov. major, International Politics & Policy (IPP) track: I came across PHC while looking for strong government programs and was captivated by PHC’s genuine interest in developing students into global leaders. Personal, spiritual, and intellectual growth are integral to education at PHC. One visit and I knew attending PHC would be some of the most formative years of my life.


Q: How did your high school experience prepare you for PHC?

Maggie: I still use a lot of techniques from my AP English class to keep myself organized and on track when writing papers. My teacher required us to write two 15-page research papers, and she was an even more critical grader than some of my professors. (Contrast that to the community college I attended for 3 semesters: I wrote my only paper in class the day it was due and still got an A.)

Kianna: I was in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program in high school. I think the courses I took through IB did the most to prepare me for college. I was also involved in debate, and I think that’s helped prepare me as well, but probably to a lesser extent than IB. Being in public school also gave me the chance to interact with various viewpoints that many homeschoolers don’t encounter before college.

Beth: I was a staff writer and the editor of my high school newspaper, and my teacher pushed me extremely hard because he knew I wanted to go into journalism. I also had a history teacher for three years who remains one of the most influential people in my life because he taught me not only to work hard, but to also to enjoy what I was learning.


Q: What’s your advice for someone considering PHC, especially from a non-homeschooled background?

Kianna: Take advantage of the programs offered at your school, especially the most academically challenging courses the school provides. You’ll be grateful for it in the future.

Beth: Don’t be afraid to come to PHC just because the majority of students were homeschooled. The difference isn’t as noticeable as you might think.

Mikayla: In my college search I found that visiting schools was a vital force in choosing which school was a best fit. Walking on campus, visiting classes, and interacting with students tells so much more than a webpage or pamphlet.

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