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Posted by Emma Perley on 6/1/21 1:57 PM

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A Personal Glimpse Into the APP Program at Patrick Henry.

The following article was also authored by Rachel Cochrane and Beckett Millhouse

Finding your career interests can be a long and confusing process. Even at a relatively small school like Patrick Henry College, deciding which program and major to pursue can be quite difficult. This post may just make that process a little bit easier. Every prospective Patrick Henry College student should consider the American Politics and Policy Program (APP), one of the several specialized tracks in the Government major. There are three main areas in which the Patrick Henry College APP Government Program excels:

(1) Constructive Application of Niche Skillsets

If the words “American Politics and Policy” pique your interest, there’s a fair chance that you have a relatively niche set of interests and talents. The Patrick Henry College APP program offers students an education (and a potential career) that fully engages valuable God-given talents that they might otherwise find difficult to practice. This government track requires students to complete 12 credits of required government courses which give in-depth knowledge of the Presidency, Congress, and delve into the intricacies of American domestic policy with courses such as Principles of Policy Analysis, Ethics, and Public Policy. As an APP majors, you will be given a fundamental understanding of the inner workings of the American government. This foundational information is characterized by expert training in crafting policies, finding solutions to bureaucratic friction, and maintaining ethical standards while still impacting change.

American Politics and Policy at PHC

(2) Expert Instruction

Of course, a description of the Patrick Henry College American Politics and Policy program would be incomplete without making mention of its head, Dr. Michael Haynes. To say nothing of his immense expertise in state and local government and his extensive education in the field, Dr. Haynes is one of the most committed and dedicated members of the Patrick Henry College teaching staff. His ability to make incredibly heady and complex topics approachable and interesting is unparalleled. I found myself looking forward to the time in class where he supplied us with jokes and hilarious personal anecdotes. But more than just an expert in his field or a good communicator, he is a true servant of Christ who somehow still manages to find time in his busy schedule to pray for one of his students throughout the day. Dr. Haynes is one of the few people who can honestly claim credit for where Patrick Henry College’s APP program is today.

(3) The George Wythe Review

Patrick Henry College students in the American Politics and Policy major began the George Wythe Review as a forum for students to present their research on domestic policy issues in one of the nation’s few undergraduate publications. Students submit individual work researching a wide variety of policy topics and collaborate to make a high-quality undergraduate journal. Compared with other undergraduate journals, the George Wythe Review is unique in its dedication to publish student research rather than faculty research.

The Significance

Students who have a passion for politics, law, or government can find hands-on learning, quality teaching, and an immersive experience in Patrick Henry College’s American Politics and Policy Program as they learn what it means to fight for Christ and for liberty in today’s world.


Click below to learn more about the mission of Patrick Henry College. Have more questions about the APP Government track at PHC? Comment below!

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