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Young Producer Finishes Full-Length Feature

May 10th, 2007

CONTACT:  David Halbrook
Patrick Henry College
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Daniel Noa

PHC Senior Daniel Noa, an Executive Producer with Noa/Rice Digital, released his first feature-length film in February. Premiering at colleges around the country, the film is an espionage movie with an explicitly Christian theme, following agent Bill Donley and Bible smuggler Carmen Gonsalo as they wrestle with life changing decisions during the mid-80s Cold War. Noa, also the film’s co-director, hopes the movie will be picked up by a distribution company in the near future.

The idea for the movie stemmed from a play written in the late-eighties by Steve Losee, originally performed in Brooklyn as part of a street ministry evangelistic outreach. Smuggler’s Ransom brings to life the first of a three-part book series, To Die and Live, also written by Losee.

After securing the movie rights from Losee in 2005, Noa/Rice Digital began work adapting the play into a film script, adding scenes from the book that were absent in the original play and creating several original scenes, including the movie’s conclusion. 

While very few non-Christians have seen the film, Noa has allowed several independent filmmakers to view the movie. “The response has been overall positive,” he said. “We even had a comment from one non-Christian filmmaker that he just thought the movie was great because it actually had a message.”

A Public Policy Major, Noa’s love for film began with a junior high video science class and grew into a ministry outreach he believes is a key to affecting the culture for Christ. “If we as Christians are serious about trying to make a difference in our country and our culture global culture even we need to be serious about the fields that we pursue,” he said. “Right now film, and Hollywood as the center of film, is one of the most influential voices in the world. If we are serious about communicating on that level we need to be making movies that are Hollywood quality.”

To learn more about Smuggler’s Ransom or see the trailer, visit http://www.smugglersransom.com/