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PHC Grad Accepted to Harvard Law

May 1st, 2007


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PHC grad, Matthew du Mee, (shown here with his PHC moot court partner) is accepted to Harvard Law

Patrick Henry College graduate Matthew du Mée made Patrick Henry College history when he recently became the college’s first alumnus to be accepted to Harvard Law School.

“Harvard is arguably the top law school in the country,” said PHC Chancellor Michael Farris. “A degree from Harvard Law opens up a wide range of career opportunities and gives instant credibility.”

Du Mée was accepted to all four law schools to which he applied, including Columbia University, Arizona State University, and the University of Arizona. He plans to attend Harvard Law as long as he “can make the financial calculations work out.”

Du Mée acknowledges the great impact that his time at PHC will have on his academic future. “PHC’s rigorous academics, utilization of the Socratic method, and the constant intellectual dialogue on campus have given me great training for law school,” he said.

Although he’s the first to gain acceptance to Harvard Law, Du Mée is certainly not the first PHC graduate to attend law school. Some PHC alumni law students include John Vinci and Rachel Williams at Regent University, Kyle Pousson at Duke University, Galen Thorpe* at Georgetown University, and Zach Martin, Matthew Schwartz, and Jeremy Purves at George Mason University.

Du Mée currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife Christy, a fellow PHC graduate. He works as a Legal and Policy Aide for the Center for the Arizona Policy, Arizona’s top pro-life, pro-family organization. Du Mée says that, like most PHC graduates, he looks forward to impacting the culture, and he recently did just that when a bill he drafted passed unanimously through the State Legislature.

House Bill 2734 is designed to help protect children from sex offenders in cyberspace. It requires sex offenders to register email addresses and screen names with the police. It also allows citizens to check specific email addresses and online identities on Arizona’s sex offender website to see if that the person emailing or instant messaging their child is a sex offender.

“My chief goal though,” du Mée concluded, “is to do all that I do with excellence, and to do it for the glory of God.”

Other PHC Graduates Attending Law School

Daniel Chapin, Wake Forest University School of Law
Mark Leichliter, Regent University School of Law
Zach Martin, George Mason University School of Law
David McKennett, George Mason University School of Law*
Jonathan Nelson, George Washington University School of Law*
Aaron Noble, Texas Wesleyan School of Law
Jeremy Purves, George Mason University School of Law *
Matthew Schwartz, George Mason University School of Law
Mark Wohlschlegel, Regent University School of Law

* = graduated.