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Student Produces Marriage Amendment Video

November 22nd, 2006


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Michael Holcomb
Michael Holcomb

When PHC Senior Mike Holcomb ran into PHC alumnus Eve Barner at a church function, he never imagined it would lead to a role in helping to pass Virginia’s Marriage Amendment. Barner mentioned she was working on a script for a Concerned Women for America (CWA) presentation, and Holcomb, an experienced script writer, offered to help. But when it became clear that funding might limit them to a PowerPoint presentation, Holcomb saw a larger opportunity to serve. Since 2000, Holcomb had been honing his skills as an audio/visual engineer, creating movies and music videos for his youth group (he’s interviewed 5 Grammy winners), filming local weddings and overseeing promotional projects. In the process, he premiered his own production company, Depth Charge Video, which has experienced exponential growth in the past six years.

Seeing CWA’s need for a more modern medium, Mike volunteered to produce a video. “I didn’t technically get paid for it,” he says. “I just figured it was a good chance to make an impact for Christ in our culture.”

At its inception, the project was intended to be a simple civics lesson, but once Holcomb signed on, the project quickly evolved. Through discussions with CWA director Patricia Phillips, Holcomb and Barner shifted the focus to the Virginia Marriage Amendment. Determining that churches across Virginia needed a DVD to play at marriage rallies, so that entire congregations might understand the gravity of the amendment and turn out at the polls, Holcomb began scripting and compiling footage.

“There is something meaningful in creating videos that speak to the critical issues of our times,” he says. “I wanted to use my video gifts to help communicate to people why protecting traditional marriage is so important, and why they should take action to protect our country from moral decay.” CWA ordered five hundred copies of the finished video, which were sent to churches across the state. It was also posted on both CWA’s official website and the official VA4Marriage website. Holcomb describes CWA’s reaction to the finished video as “ecstatic,” and admits the extent of its coverage was “pretty exciting.”

The amendment passed in November 7th’s midterm election, affirming civil unions as constitutional only when co-opted between one man and woman. It also blocks attempts to “create or recognize a legal status for relationships of unmarried individuals that intends to approximate the design, qualities, significance, or effects of marriage.”

Soon, Holcomb will join CWA in another project; he was recently notified that a North Carolina group has requested a similar video to bolster their own upcoming marriage amendment. He is also involved in the production of CWA civics video encouraging Christians to become more involved in the political process.

To see the “What God Has Joined Together” video, visit Concerned Women for America.