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College launches Faith and Reason lecture series

October 4th, 2005

CONTACT: Michael Kiser
Patrick Henry College
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PURCELLVILLE, VA – Todd Bates, assistant professor of rhetoric, launched Patrick Henry College's Faith and Reason lecture series on Tuesday, September 13 with his presentation of "Duplex Cognitio: What I Need To Know and How the Liberal Arts Can Help Me Know It." The series is designed to prompt campus-wide reflection and discussion on the relationship between faith and reason in the context of Christian liberal arts education.

In order to allow students to participate more fully in the day's events, all afternoon classes were cancelled. The lecture was followed by small group discussions, a special dinner, and a panel discussion. Discussion questions formulated by Dr. Bates guided the conversation during these sessions, which closed with a vigorous question and answer period.

In his lecture, Dr. Bates drew on the historic teachings of St. Augustine and argued from the duplex cognitio—the inseparability of knowledge of God and knowledge of the human soul—to the thesis that the liberal arts have a uniquely important role in a whole life devoted to learning and knowing what is true. As such, the liberal arts are an essential component in a college curriculum informed by a desire to know the fullness of truth, which is ultimately unified in God.

Patrick Henry College, located in Purcellville, Virginia, just 50 miles from the nation's capital, is a classical Christian liberal arts college dedicated to timeless biblical values and the spirit of the American founding. Since opening its doors in 2000, PHC has been training men and women to lead the nation and shape the culture. A PHC education combines rigorous academics, a biblical worldview, a classical liberal arts core curriculum, and apprenticeship methodologies to produce graduates who are uniquely qualified to serve God and mankind.