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PHC senior named ISI Honors Fellow

September 1st, 2005

CONTACT: Michael Kiser
Patrick Henry College
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PURCELLVILLE, VA – Sarah Pride, a member of the Patrick Henry College Class of 2006, has been named as an Honors Fellow by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI), one of only 52 students nationwide to be so named. Each year, ISI selects a small number of the nation's most talented undergraduates to participate in a yearlong program of educational enrichment.

As an Honors Fellow, Pride was invited to take part in a weeklong, expenses-paid, summer colloquium that explored the major values and ideas of the Western patrimony. Conversations begun at that summer intellectual retreat will continue throughout the year, as ISI Honors Fellows and their mentors engage in ongoing discussions both online and at small seminars. The program gives Honors Fellows the opportunity to develop intellectual friendships among a diverse group of the nation's most promising young thinkers.

ISI was founded in 1953 to further in successive generations of American college youth a better understanding of the economic, political, and spiritual values that sustain a free and virtuous society. With representatives at more than 900 colleges, and with more than 50,000 ISI student and faculty members on virtually every campus in the country, ISI directs scores of thousands of young people each year to a wide array of educational programs that deepen their understanding of the American ideal of ordered liberty.

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