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PHC Debaters Sweep Hillsdale Tournament, Nearing Perfect Season

November 16th, 2004

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Purcellville, VA— The Patrick Henry College policy debate team swept the top five ranks at a recent intercollegiate tournament at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan. The win leaves PHC debaters poised on the brink of a perfect season, having won all three National Education Debate Association (NEDA) tournaments this year. The year's fourth and final NEDA tournament will be held at Ball State University early in December.

"This was a remarkable performance," said Patrick Henry College President Dr. Michael Farris, "and it was made even more remarkable by the number of freshman on the team. I think we're going to be a strong presence in the league for years to come."

Debate teams are divided into two groups: an open division and a novice division. In the open division, seniors Christy Ross and Matthew du MÉe took first, sophomores Brian Wright and Lindsay See won second, freshmen Kelsey Stapler and Kawika Vellalos came in third, freshmen Nick Timpe and Peter Kamakawiwoole earned fourth, and freshmen Sam Curet and Anne Corda placed fifth. The only novice team from Patrick Henry, sophomore Katie Teubl and freshman Kirsten Winston, placed second in their division. All of the teams ended the tournament with winning records.

Eighteen teams competed in the open division and twelve teams in the novice division from six different colleges and universities. The schools present were: Bob Jones University, Ball State University, the University of Dayton, Patrick Henry College, Duquesne University, and the host, Hillsdale College.

PHC debaters also took four of the top five individual speaker awards in the open division led by Brian Wright, who won second place honors. Senior Matthew du MÉe took third, freshman Kawika Vellalos fourth, and freshman Peter Kamakawiwoole rounded out the field with a fifth place finish.