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ROTC Now an Option for PHC Students

December 18th, 2003

Purcellville, VA— Patrick Henry College (PHC) announced today that its students may enroll in the U.S. Army's Reserve Officer Training Corps or ROTC. Through the program, Patrick Henry students are afforded the opportunity to receive an officer's commission and pursue a career in the Armed Forces.

PHC President Michael Farris stated, "We are pleased to work with the Army ROTC to develop leadership opportunities for our graduates and promote public service."

Students enrolled in ROTC will study military science, leadership, military history and tactics. Students may also be afforded the opportunity to attend Airborne or Air Assault school as well as other military training. Patrick Henry ROTC cadets will take their military science courses at George Mason University.

Working with Army ROTC is another way in which the college can fulfill its mission to prepare students who will lead the nation and shape the culture.

PHC was established in 2000. The college is an academically rigorous four-year school currently offering degrees in Government, History, Literature and Classical Liberal Arts. Patrick Henry has been successful in attracting highly qualified students with this year's freshman class average SAT score reaching 1312.