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Expelled Movie Night Serves As Pensmore Preview

February 12th, 2014


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Ben Stein's Expelled

Close to 200 students, alumni, and members of the Loudoun County community crowded into Patrick Henry College’s Town Hall building on Friday to watch Ben Stein’s Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. While enjoying introductory comments by Pensmore founder Steve Huff and marketing director Ralf Augstroze, guests were treated to complimentary pizza, soda, and a variety of other snacks. After the movie, Huff fielded questions during a 30 minute Q&A and then continued to answer questions for an hour once the event had formally ended.

“We were thrilled by the amount of people who joined us on Friday,” said Director of Communications David Halbrook. “The questions asked by our guests during our Q&A demonstrated a curiosity for the subject matter and a deeper desire to dialogue about the connections between science and faith.”

The movie night was a promotional preview of the Pensmore Dialogue on Science & Faith -- a world-class event exploring crucial questions on the origins of life and the universe from a Christian worldview - hosted at PHC on April 4-5. The event will feature noted Christian scholar, philosopher, and renowned Oxford University mathematics professor Dr. John Lennox, as well as a who's who of internationally-recognized scientist Christians, apologists, and philosophers.

These distinguished Christian scholars will discuss the key intersections of the latest developments in science and timeless biblical truth and give guests a chance to engage crucial questions such as: could life exist without some intelligence having designed it and set it in motion? Additionally there will be bonus sessions for students and pastors, and breakout lectures that probe issues and facilitate lay dialogue on life’s most important issues.

Please join the PHC community in April to attend the conference. Early bird registration ends March 7, so register today.

Photos from the Expelled movie night:

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