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September Newsmaker Series with Dr. Marvin Olasky Announced

December 31st, 1969

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Dr. Marvin Olasky, host of the
Newsmaker Interview Series


Each year, students, faculty and staff, and the surrounding community, eagerly await the arrival of PHC’s annual Newsmaker Interview Series, which has hosted such notable speakers as Joni Eareckson Tada, Dr. Ben Carson, and Steve Forbes. This fall’s lineup brings together authors, speakers, and world-changers as they dialogue with Dr. Marvin Olasky. Don’t miss our Newsmaker events, or tune into our live webcast here!


Christina Hoff Sommers
On Monday, The series kicks off on September 30 with Christina Hoff Sommers. She is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, is the author of books that criticize contemporary feminism and bring out the Christian feminism of women like Hannah More and Frances Willard. A former philosophy professor, she has written many acclaimed and often controversial books, including Who Stole Feminism? (Touchstone Books, 1995), The War Against Boys (Touchstone Books, 2001), One Nation Under Therapy (St. Martin's Press, 2005), and The Science on Women and Science (AEI Press, 2009). She has also written for The Atlantic. In her books and articles, she differentiates between equity feminism and gender feminism and how the two approaches impact men, women, and society.

Steven James

On October 1, Steven James, the winner of three national awards for best suspense novel and four world honor awards for storytelling, arrives on campus. James writes from a Christian perspective but is critical of the “Christian fiction” genre. He received his MA in Storytelling from East Tennessee State University. While he is most famous for his psychological thrillers, he has also penned books spanning the genres of prayer collections, dramas, monologues, a nine-book series on creative storytelling, YA fantasy, and inspirational nonfiction, and many other books, including a reimagining of Pilgrim’s Progress. He lives in eastern Tennessee with his family and likes to play Frisbee Golf.


E.W. Jackson

October 2 brings E.W. Jackson, GOP nominee for lieutenant governor of Virginia and founder of Ministers Take a Stand, to campus. Jackson (a great-grandson of slaves) hopes, through his work and ministry outreach, to end African-Americans’ “slavish devotion to the Democrat Party.” Jackson graduated from Harvard with a JD. While in law school, he was accepted into the Baptist ministry and studied theology at Harvard Divinity School. Bishop is also the founder of Exodus Faith Ministries, a nondenominational Christian church in Chesapeake and S.T.A.N.D (Staying True to America’s National Destiny), an organization focused on restoring America’s founding values.


Ryan Bomberger


Ryan and Bethany Bomberger speak on October 3. Conceived in rape, Ryan is an Emmy® Award-winning Creative Professional. Now he serves as chief creative officer of the Atlanta-based Radiance foundation he founded with his wife, Bethany, which calls attention to the abortion industry’s targeting of black babies. Ryan, adopted as a baby, grew up in a multi-racial family of 15. He earned his Master’s in Communication from Regent University. Today, he and Bethany work with national civil rights leaders like Dr. Alveda King to oppose and defund Planned Parenthood and have worked extensively with, which addresses the disproportionate impact of abortion on black communities. He is also a featured blogger on, where he writes about the cultural dynamics of abortion, eugenics, and adoption. Bethany, who has her Master’s in Education, has been written about for her work with Literacy Kits for Children in Afghanistan and the United Way Make a Difference Campaign. She and Ryan were awarded the 2012 Christian Stewardship Alumni Award by their alma mater, Messiah College, for their through The Radiance Foundation.


Max McLean
Max McLean, President and artistic director of the Fellowship for the Performing Arts, concludes the Newsmakers’ first week lineup on October 4. McLean is best known for his audio recordings, including Bible narration and an audio version of The Valley of Vision. His narrations of the Listener’s Bible are available in three different translations. He starred in an off-Broadway stage version of C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, which has been highly praised by Christians and non-Christians alike. Born in Panama City, Panama, McLean came to America via the New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty when he was four. He and his wife currently attend Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, where Tim Keller preaches.

Stay tuned for news of week two of the Newsmakers fall series, which begins on Nov. 6 through Nov. 12, and features Andy Crouch, executive editor of Christianity Today, biographer Stephen Mansfield, and Christopher and Angela Yuan, co-authors of Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son’s Journey to God.