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Armstrong and West New Student Body President and VP

April 5th, 2013

By Derringer Dick

CONTACT:  David Halbrook
Patrick Henry College
(540) 441-8722

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Student Body President Iain Armstrong and Vice President Kyle West

Iain Armstrong and Kyle West have been elected student body president and vice president, following a month-long race between Armstrong/West and Stephen Gibbs/John Ehrett.

When the polls closed on March 26, the Armstrong/West campaign won by a comfortable margin of 202 to 61 votes. “I guess I was a bit surprised at how well they came out for us,” Armstrong said.

Almost 91 percent of eligible PHC voters voted in the election. “It’s exciting to have so many people getting involved in student body politics,” said Armstrong, who added that he hoped that it signaled faith on the part of students in the student body government.

“It was a blessing to see that the campus is backing us up that much, that they kind of share our vision, that they think we’ll do a good job,” West said.

“We had kind of an inkling that things were leaning our way, a little bit, but to win by that much was a big, pleasant surprise.”

Armstrong was quite certain, however, that the new voting system that debuted in this election attracted voters. The new system is displayed prominently on the student portal, making it convenient to access for students. The previous voting system required a different ID and password and was accessed through a separate website. “I think people are excited about this election, yes, but also, if you log onto your student portal for any other reason, you’re just going to see that link right there,” Simeon Tomaszewski explained.

“We were really pleased and honored that Stephen and John ran such a clean, well put-together campaign – the debate was extremely fun,” West said. “At the end of the day, we all came out feeling like we’d honored Christ to the best of our ability.”

Although the current administration will not formally step down until next semester, Armstrong and West are looking forward to implementing their vision. “It’s nice to be out of campaign mode and to be thinking about ways we can actually concretely put into action some of the things we were saying,” West said.