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New Student Body Execs Prepare for Office

April 2nd, 2012

By Alicia Constant. Originally published in the PHC Herald, 3/30/12.

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Andrew Lonon (L) and J.C. Cartee, student body vice president and president-elect for the 2012-2013 school year

Following a close race with their rival ticket, J.C. Cartee and Andrew Lonon won last Wednesday’s election for student body president and vice president by 33 votes against James Nelson and Chandler Karadsheh.

“We are definitely excited and feeling the weight of the responsibility,” Cartee said. “Andrew and I are humbled and honored to serve in every capacity we can.”

The president–elect said he and Lonon would begin implementing their campaign promises this week, when they are meeting with Mayor Lazaro to talk about fostering connections between the school and the local community. Cartee mentioned events such as the job fair on April 11 and the community clean–up day on April 14. Cartee and Lonon will also be nominating an executive cabinet, initiating a Facebook group, and beginning executive surveys to allow students to get involved and voice concerns.

Outgoing president Alan Carrillo said the Cartee/Lonon administration will face “very high expectations,” but also that they have the opportunity to “significantly increase the trust students have in Student Government.”

Carrillo and his vice president, Zachary Enos, fought to encourage a spirit of unity on campus, something Cartee says he hopes to maintain. The administration’s Facebook page will be a forum for students to bring their concerns directly to the executive and get them resolved. Additionally, Cartee encouraged community service as a way to build unity: “Serving alongside someone, you’re sharing something you don’t get to share just living together. We hope that by making community service more of an emphasis, we will become more of a campus team.”

Alan Carrillo, current student body president

He is planning on empowering the Community Involvement Commission by creating a core team of dedicated people to organize volunteering, and he hopes to boost campus participation in service events.

One of the biggest challenges he expects to face is fundraising, which he emphasized will be “starting small,” but hopefully growing over time: “We’re fundraising for the student body, not for student government. We hope that students will be encouraged and keep it going even after Andrew and I are gone so we have money for different projects, as the students see fit.”

Carrillo encouraged Cartee and Lonon to work hard even if they don’t see the fruit of their labors right away. “Many times, the work we do is only sowing seeds for those that come after us,” Carrillo said. “I wish them the best, and will always be available to them if they want advice.”

“Prayer from students would be awesome,” Cartee said. “We have big shoes to fill from Alan and Zach. . . . If students are interested in things or have concerns we want to know about them. We want students to feel like they own student government.”