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February 24th, 2012

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Visiting professor Dr. Anthony Esolen suggested in the spring 2012 Faith and Reason lecture, February 24, that each of us, in our maleness or femaleness, possesses "something holy." And "the virtue that honors what is holy, especially as it is veiled and made manifest in the bodies and the hearts and the minds of man as man and woman as woman, is purity." This is not abstinence, which "is defined by absence, and refraining; but purity is rather an essential light radiating from the core of the holy."

"Purity does not deny the power of sex," said Dr. Esolen. "Rather it rejoices in that power. It is impurity that degrades, denies, and despises."

The Patrick Henry College community enjoyed spirited discussion throughout a day of small group debate and a panel discussion following the lecture. Others followed the lecture and panel discussion live, via webcast. View a photo gallery and videos from the day, below. Or read the lecture here.


 Photo Gallery






Lecture Webcast