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Faith & Reason to Suggest Timeliness of Christian Renaissance

September 14th, 2011

By Sarah Pride

CONTACT:  David Halbrook
Patrick Henry College
(540) 441-8722

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Dr. Steven Hake, PHC's Chairman of the Department of Classical Liberal Arts and Professor of Literature

PHC’s longest-serving faculty member, Dr. Steven Hake, will present Patrick Henry College’s thirteenth Faith and Reason lecture this Friday the 16th. Currently the Chairman of the Department of Classical Liberal Arts and Professor of Literature at PHC, Dr. Hake will deliver a lecture entitled, “We are Ripe for a Christian Renaissance.” His hour-long paper will traverse the intellectual origins of postmodernism and its unsatisfying nihilistic conclusions that have left a world hungry for beauty and deeper answers.

Each fall a PHC professor delivers the Faith and Reason lecture, while a visiting scholar speaks in the spring. As on every Faith and Reason day, classes will be canceled this Friday as the entire campus gathers for the morning lecture. Students, faculty, and staff will share lunch together and debate the topic in small groups, then convene again in the afternoon for a panel discussion and Q&A with select members of the faculty.

This unique College tradition, says PHC Provost Dr. Gene Edward Veith, “is always a time of both intellectual and spiritual stimulation. It is an emblem of what PHC stands for—Christian thought at the highest level designed to equip for cultural impact—and it is always a highlight of the semester.”

Last spring, Dr. David VanDrunen from Westminster Seminary outlined a theory of the “two kingdoms,” while Dr. John Warwick Montgomery spoke last fall as the PHC faculty lecturer.

Fall 2011 Faith and Reason Schedule

9:30-10:45am – Faith & Reason Lecture
11:00am-12:45pm – Lunch and Study Groups
1:00-2:30pm – Panel Discussion and Q&A