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New Equipment Provides Major Upgrade for Fitness Center

January 3rd, 2011

By David Halbrook

CONTACT:  David Halbrook
Patrick Henry College
(540) 441-8722

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The H. Kyle Seale Fitness Center with new equipment

The H. Kyle Seale Fitness Center in the Barbara Hodel Center has been significantly upgraded with the recent addition of approximately $14,000 worth of high-end exercise equipment. The Magnum Fitness Systems equipment was donated by long-time Patrick Henry College friend, fitness equipment and maintenance vendor Timothy L. Hipp of Wellness Solutions in Warrenton, Va.

Reports PHC VP of Campus Services Earl Hall: “The equipment was about eight years old and in excellent condition, having been originally sold and subsequently maintained by Wellness Solutions. We have a quality consulting relationship of several years with Tim Hipp, president of Wellness Solutions, who has a particular heart for what we are doing here at Patrick Henry College.

“Tim called me on November 11,” Hall noted, “asking if the College would be open to receiving this equipment as a donation. We affirmed that we would, and they delivered and installed it all on November 15th.  It is a wonderful addition to our fitness facilities and we are extremely grateful.”

The H. Kyle Seale Fitness Center with new equipment

Timothy Hipp is a homeschooling father of four who came to know Patrick Henry College through a number of its students in the early years of the College’s existence, when he lived in Lovettsville, Va., near Purcellville. He says his company recently came into possession of the fitness machines through a sale Wellness Solutions had made for replacement equipment at a country club in Ashuburn, Va.

“When we took possession of (the club’s) excellent but slightly used equipment, I immediately thought of Patrick Henry College,” said Hipp. “I got to know PHC and HSLDA in the early days, and when I learned that PHC was planning a fitness center in the new campus life center, I wanted the College to have the best. We finally found a system that fit the bill.”

Wellness Solutions was incorporated in 1999 and provides flooring, equipment, and accessories for fitness centers and health clubs. Hipp has worked with Earl Hall and PHC in a consulting and maintenance capacity.

“I wanted to help Earl help the students with their fitness and cardio conditioning needs,” Hipp added. “Our mission is to help others help others, and in my experience, a healthier body equals a healthier mind and, ultimately, a healthier spirit. This equipment was in phenomenal shape and we wanted the College to benefit.”