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"Rebelution" D.C. Event Sept. 25, and Film for Brett Harris

September 23rd, 2010

By Sarah Pride, with reporting by Alicia Constant

CONTACT:  David Halbrook
Patrick Henry College
(540) 441-8722

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Brett and Alex Harris

“Rebelution” founders Alex and Brett Harris, Patrick Henry College juniors, have extended an open invitation to all PHC students, faculty, and staff to attend their last conference of the 2010 season for free this Saturday, September 25 in Woodbridge, VA. This seventh conference of 2010 rounds out the third year of the Rebelution’s Do Hard Things tour -- challenging teenagers to reach for their best standard, rather than settling for others’ low expectations.

Saturday’s event calls Brett Harris back from Roanoke, four hours south of the PHC campus, where he has been playing a lead role in one of Advent Film Group’s (AFG’s) latest productions, Alone But Not Alone. Harris’s character, Owen, leads several other young people out of Indian captivity and on a 200-mile trek home.

“When I’m acting I’m usually the character everyone loves to hate,” explains Harris, who has performed villains in a few Eden Troupe plays at PHC so far. “So it’s a privilege to audition for someone who people like.”

In the summer of 2007, AFG shot its first movie, Come What May, on the PHC campus and elsewhere. Along with several screenings in private theatres and at film festivals, the movie received national DVD distribution from Provident Films. The independent production company now has several different projects underway in the planning, production, or editing stages.

Other PHC students involved on Alone But Not Alone include alumni Ben Adams and Peter Forbes. Junior Ian Reid is assisting with visual content artwork. A former PHC student, Tracy Leininger, also wrote the novel on which the screenplay is based.


Other residents of the greater D.C. area can register for the September 25 Rebelution conference at this time for the standard price of $40/person. These events are frequently attended by people in their teens, twenties, and beyond -- anyone who wants to find encouragement to continue striving as they press forward on this journey of life.

Read more information about the conference on the website for the Rebelution.