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Young Adults, Register Now for Art Camp!

May 26th, 2010

Photo by David Halbrook; art by Tim Chambers

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Patrick Henry College
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Classical artist Tim Chambers and Tracy Klicka, Art Camp instructors

Known primarily for its high-level government internships, top flight academics, and national forensics championships, Patrick Henry College also enjoys a campus ethos that vigorously celebrates and promotes the Christian arts. And this summer, PHC is offering its first-ever Art Camp from June 13-19. Classical artist Tim Chambers, a homeschool dad who will help mentor summer campers, says this special opportunity will bring Christian values to classical art and train young artists in the skills, vision, and work ethic necessary to improve their craft. He and Tracy Klicka, artist, designer, and wife of HSLDA attorney and homeschool champion Chris Klicka, will teach young people ages 14-18 in the use of charcoal drawing and oil painting, as well as to the pastime of art journaling.

“Students are in for an exciting week,” Klicka assures, “that we hope will help them reach new levels of achievement and joy in their art.”

Airmont Hay Bales, Morning

“The job of the artist is to help others see what’s out there in the world,” observes Chambers, referencing an anecdote from author Charles Hawthorne. “Everyone might walk past a white cottage on the corner without noticing it. The artist stops and focuses his sight—and ours—on the same cottage, allowing us to see the beauty of it for the first time.”

In his book The State of the Arts, Dr. Gene Edward Veith writes: “Recovering a Christian sensibility towards the arts is particularly urgent today, both for the sake of Christians and for the sake of the arts. While the art world has acquired unparalleled status and influence, its aesthetic achievements are undercut by a philosophical and spiritual bankruptcy.”

Noting the uniqueness of PHC’s summer art camp, one a very few nationally grounded in a Christian view of the creative arts, Dr. Veith says, “There are not many programs that teach young people how to create realistic, classical art that comes of a Christian worldview. This camp is an incredible opportunity for young people whom God has given artistic talent to study under a first-rate Christian artist like Timothy Chambers.”

One of Chambers' many portraits

Chambers’ own life experience reflects the need for God’s influence in the artist’s life. Told fifteen years ago that he was losing his sight to genetic disorder Retinitis Pigmentosa, his life and career as an artist seemed suddenly in doubt. Ultimately, the difficult news helped Chambers “to learn to trust and thank God daily for the opportunity serve Him with each moment He entrusts to me.

“When I wake up in the morning and can still see, I thank God,” he says, “and I get so excited about what I see of God’s glory in the world that I want kids with artistic gifts to see the same thing.”

Due to the high-quality supplies and instruction, Art Camp costs are slightly higher than other PHC camps. As Chambers notes, however, “It’s still an amazing deal, relatively speaking. If you wanted to work with an artist for five days, it would cost $600-900, even before room and board.”

Students of all skill levels will receive personalized instruction in on the use of lines, shapes, values, color, and design in their works, as they learn to develop a concept and purpose for each work.” Moreover, says Chambers, they will learn how to “to see and artistically reflect truth and the beauty of God’s creation, to become familiar with the drawing and painting mediums, and, finally, to gain the ability to critique their own work effectively.”

To sign up for Art Camp, click here for more information on PHC teen camps.

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