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Dr. Farris Weighs in on Health Care Reform

March 24th, 2010

By David Halbrook

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Patrick Henry College
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Dr. Michael Farris, PHC Chancellor and College founder

In the wake of Congress’s passage this week of sweeping health care reform legislation, Dr. Michael Farris, PHC chancellor and founder, described it as the product of a Democratic coalition built, not on principle, but on an agenda of "favors and goodies" used to buy votes.

Dr. Farris discussed the constitutional implications of the new health-care legislation with radio host Brian Sussman of KSFO in San Francisco on Monday, noting that “the fact we have abortion funding – a straight-up moral issue – as the centerpiece of this legislation taking away our freedoms, just goes to show that immorality and tyranny go hand in hand, and that freedom and virtue go hand in hand.”

The interview touched on several aspects of the legislation, including a stunning provision that would establish the federal government as the primary source of student loans, and its potential impact on American colleges and students.

“It’s a means of controlling the content and philosophy of every college in America that takes students loans,” Dr. Farris explained. “Colleges like PHC that don’t take student loans maintain our freedom at a great price.”

Listen to Dr. Farris’s interview with Brian Sussman by clicking here.


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