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Renowned Thinkers Honor PHC Professor in New Book

February 27th, 2009

CONTACT:  David Halbrook
Patrick Henry College
(540) 338-8727

Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy and Christian Thought

Patrick Henry College is pleased to announce the recent publication of a book honoring one of its faculty members, Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy and Christian Thought. The book, entitled, Tough-Minded Christianity: Honoring the Legacy of John Warwick Montgomery, underscores Dr. Montgomery’s legacy as “a living legend” in the field of Christian apologetics. As PHC Provost Dr. Gene Edward Veith says, “It’s a great accomplishment to write a book. It’s an even greater accomplishment to have a book written about you! It is significant that such major figures are paying him tribute.”

Co-edited by William Dembski, best known as a key theorist of the Intelligent Design movement, Tough-Minded Christianity includes 41 essays by well-known contributors such as Philip Johnson, Norman Geisler, J. I. Packer, and Michael Horton.  According to Dembski, the book "is an extensive collection of essays in honor of John Warwick Montgomery. JWM’s no-nonsense brand of apologetics, in which he is willing to put everything on the table for discussion . . . has certainly been an inspiration to me. If Phillip Johnson is the father of the ID movement, then JWM is its godfather."

Adds Dr. Montgomery in response: “I think that my insistence on solid evidence to ground all Christian truth-claims led such theologian-scientists as (Dembski) to argue for God’s existence strictly on the basis of the overwhelming evidences of intelligence in the design of the universe. In that sense, I suppose that I kick-started the intelligent design movement.”

Dr. Montgomery notes that “the contributed essays cover a very wide range of apologetic topics. The book is a kind of mini-encyclopedia of cutting-edge defense of the faith for today’s secular climate.”

The essay authors, all well-known for their contributions to various areas of Christian thought, praise Dr. Montgomery for his influence on their intellectual development. In the forward, Paige Patterson, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, credits Montgomery with doing the “intellectual heavy lifting” that undergirded the conservative renewal of the Southern Baptist Convention. Montgomery explains that this is a reference to his work in the Lutheran Church the decade before, in which he argued vigorously for the inerrancy of Scripture and produced a two-volume book, Crisis in Lutheran Theology.

Dr. John Warwick Montgomery holds eleven earned degrees, including three earned doctorates in History, Theology, and Law, serves as an ordained Lutheran minister and English barrister, is a member of the Paris bar, and is admitted to practice as a lawyer before the Supreme Court of the United States.

Patrick Henry College is honored to count him among its faculty members.

Tough-Minded Christianity is available from the publisher--B&H (Broadman and Holman), as well as from Amazon.com, local Christian booksellers, and from the Patrick Henry College Bookstore.  Dr Montgomery’s books and tapes can be ordered from the Canadian Institute for Law, Theology and Public Policy (www.ciltpp.com) and from the Patrick Henry Bookstore.