Why Students Give PHC a 5-Star Review

Posted by Christine McDonald on 11/30/21 12:00 AM

Why do Patrick Henry College students and alumni love the college so much? Read on to discover why they gave their 5 star review!


"I cannot speak more highly of this school. The faculty and staff are incredibly qualified and extremely invested in the lives of their students. The curriculum is tailored to teach students how to excel both in their fields of study and their other interests. Most importantly, though, the student body is filled with passionate young men and women who seek, first and foremost, to serve the Lord and the people around them. My years here have been some of the most rich and formative of my life."
Sarah G., 5 Stars

"Genuine community, brilliant professors, and beautiful location."
Meridian Paulton, 5 Stars

"My experiences with other schools and organizations have shown that PHC prepares students well to compete with students from any other larger college or university. The community at PHC is welcoming and edifying and I'm glad to have been a part of it for my undergraduate education."
Philip Bunn, 5 Stars

Patrick Henry College students
"I attended Patrick Henry College from 2008-2012. I enjoyed my time at Patrick Henry and found that the classical education I received prepared me for running my own business. PHC (faculty, staff and students included) taught me to think, to debate, to negotiate.
Given the opportunity to do it over, I would choose PHC every time."
Greta Simpson, 5 Stars

"In the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi, PHC has been my 'first step into a larger world.' 
My life has changed, I have changed, and the world has changed; all for the better."
Luke Thomas, 5 Stars

"I have taken courses at two other colleges, and I can say with confidence that the faculty here are top notch. They truly care about seeing their students succeed."
Dana Belcher, 5 Stars

"Excellent, rigorous, Christ-centered classical education. PHC prepares its students for a lifetime of learning."
David Fullerton, 5 Stars

"I'm incredibly grateful for the education I received at PHC. It was formative to my intellectual and spiritual development and has influenced my work in foreign policy. If I could do undergrad all over again, I would choose PHC every time."
Olivia Enos, 5 Stars

"It's a pretty expensive way to get chicken tenders, but then they throw in a four-year education alongside and it's totally worth it!"
Sebastian Lopez, 5 Stars

"The classical liberal arts education taught me how to reason through what I believe and not rely on someone else to give me my opinions. It also developed the tools I needed for graduate school."
Josh Arnold

"PHC has been my home, my family, and a place of immense growth for me over the four years I have attended. Wouldn't change a thing and will be a proud alumnus of this school."
Clayton Millhouse

Patrick Henry College Barbara Hodel Center
"There is no better way to be sharpened than being surrounded by people who are sharper than you. PHC maintains high academic standards while keeping the main thing the main thingthe pursuit of Christ."
Jensen Near

"It is a beautiful, flawed place filled with flawed, beautiful people. I learned the true meanings of grace and gratitude at Patrick Henry College, and I will carry the wisdom I was given thereto say nothing of the friendshipswith me the rest of my life."
Stephen Williams

"pretty good."
Stephen Gibbs


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