How PHC Prepared Abi Carter for the Workforce

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 2/3/21 11:00 AM

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Thinking about landing a job in marketing or communications? Did you know that you do not have to major in one of those fields to get a great job in one? 

Alumna Abi Carter began working at the political digital marketing firm Olympic Media in June 2020. As an American Politics and Policy major, her major courses at PHC did not specialize in communications or marketing. However, PHC's courses in American government, her own internship experience, and participation in forensics activities gave Abi just the skills she needed to succeed in her first job.

“During the interviews, the questions centered around my views as a conservative. They were looking to see my level of passion and commitment to conservative politics as well as personality traits which would fit well with the existing team,” Carter said.

Carter said that many of the skills are taught on the job. But the interviewers also wanted to see that she was flexible, had strong communication skills, and was able to learn quickly, things that her time at Patrick Henry College prepared her well for.

Carter, a former White House intern, could easily prove her conservative convictions by having her White House internship on her resume.  She also points to two specific Patrick Henry College courses: “The Presidency” with Dr. Michael Haynes, and "American Political Institutions" with Dr. Jesse Merriam, which she was especially grateful to have taken in her senior year.

“Both classes were very helpful in my senior year—providing a review of American history and American politics—before jumping into such a crazy political atmosphere,” Carter said. “It gave me a broad  perspective and provided some historical context which is helpful in understanding the current political atmosphere. Because both classes were discussion-based, I was able to solidify my own opinions after going back and forth with my professors and classmates, and I have thought back to those conversations many times since.”   

As part of the Digital Strategy Team, Carter handles copywriting and email marketing for various clients. 

“Networking is key for both getting jobs in this field but also for understanding the world of political fundraising and digital marketing,” Carter said. “Communication and personal relationships with people plays a huge role in your success within the field of digital advertising and marketing.”

The firm, founded by Ryan Coyne in 2018, focuses on political digital marketing through several avenues. In addition to political fundraising and media, Olympic also publishes news through their outlets BizPacReview and American Wire, and has a conservative clothing and wine brand called We The People.


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