Patrick Henry College Marched For Life

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 1/26/18 9:00 AM

PHC Marched for LifePatrick Henry College and its extended community arrived in Washington, D.C. last Friday, spearheading the world’s largest pro-life event, the annual March for Life.

March coordinators chose PHC as one of two colleges to lead the march along the two-mile trek between downtown D.C. and the Supreme Court of the United States. Approximately 500 PHC affiliates — students, faculty, families, HSLDA and Generation Joshua staff participated. The march proceeded calmly and without conflict.

capitol building

“Everyone was kind, warm, and welcoming,” said Kara Brown, a PHC junior.

“There were a lot of people there taking it seriously. When you’re educated on the subject, like a lot of PHC students are, then you better understand the weightiness of it,” she explained.

PHC students, faculty, and staff boarded gifted luxury buses early Friday to attend the pre-rally event featuring House Speaker Paul Ryan, Pam Tebow, mother of Tim Tebow, and the Christian singer Plumb, among others.

After the march, attendees were also invited to a VIP reception at the Capitol Hill Club, sponsored by Generation Joshua.

PHC at the March for Life"The March was a fantastic opportunity for PHC to stand for life by leading at the front,” said student Michael Patton.

“We made connections with important pro-life leaders and told U.S. leaders that they cannot continue to allow for the murder of millions of innocent people," he added. 

Manus Churchill, another a PHC junioralso commented, “I think it was really meaningful for PHC to get together and do something as a unified community voluntarily and for a cause we all believe in.


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