The Need of True, Christian Higher Education: President Jack Haye discusses our cultural moment as a guest on the Bob Dutko Radio Show

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 10/28/21 5:24 PM

Haye on the Air (1)

The Bob Dutko Show on WMUZ (Crawford Broadcasting Company) is Detroit’s number one Christian talk radio show and is heard on radio stations across the country, making him one of the most listened to Christian talk show hosts in the U.S.

The Bob Dutko Show recently turned to PHC President, Jack Haye, to discuss what a true, Christian higher education looks like and how to engage our culture in meaningful ways. At PHC, we prepare our graduates to hold faith and reason high, to think clearly and critically, to write and speak persuasively. But are the PHC mission and methods still relevant today?

When was the last time the Academy was producing faithful scholars, asks President Haye.

Could it be that God would have a new kind of college developed that would focus specifically on preparing people for levels of leadership for impacting our culture?

Click below to listen to a portion of their conversation or scroll even lower to hear the whole segment.


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