PHC Student Olivia Green speaks at the Supreme Court

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 3/28/24 3:48 PM

Olivia Green speaks at ADF rally

Senior Olivia Green spoke at the Alliance Defending Freedom's rally held outside the Supreme Court on March 26 regarding the hearing of Food and Drug Administration v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine. Green spoke against the lie that abortion access is the ultimate sign of women's empowerment. 

Olivia walking to podium-1"The decision to kill one's child in this country did not gain widespread support by coming in dressed as a devil in a cape and horns, but by coming in as 'women's healthcare,' 'bodily autonomy,' and 'female empowerment,'" she said. "These are terms that we see as intrinsic virtues in a culture that believes that we owe others nothing and ourselves everything—that the self-serving life is the fulfilled one. These are lies, but they are pretty lies."

Alliance Defending Freedom is representing four national medical associations, their members, and four individual doctors against the FDA, which has removed safety standards over the past eight years for the abortion drugs mifepristone and misoprostol. 

olivia green

Approximately one in 25 women using these drugs end up in the emergency room. The safeguards the FDA rescinded included "an initial in-person visit to screen for ectopic pregnancies and other serious conditions, and a follow-up visit to check for life-threatening complications like internal bleeding and infection." ADF is pushing to uphold the 5th Circuit's decision to hold the FDA accountable for its recklessness. 

Green said that the FDA's actions strip away even the illusion of an interest in women's healthcare. "This case in the Supreme Court today is one more glaring example of the fact that the pro-abortion movement has never been about protecting women, or their health, or certainly their best interests," she said. "It has been about abortion and the industry surrounding that." 

PHC marches for life

Widespread access to dangerous drugs and lack of critical care from doctors is not the best that the country can do for women. PHC is grateful that Green had the opportunity to speak and for the support shown by other students who attended—including a delegation for PHC Students for Life. Study government at PHC


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