Origins Conference 2022 at PHC

Posted by Kennedy Kruse on 6/17/22 12:00 AM

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Top creation scientists from the U.S. and Europe will gather at Patrick Henry College this summer for the annual Origins Conference. The conference, which will take place July 24-27, will consist of presentations, discussions, and a field trip focusing on the topic of creationism, particularly on evidence found in biology and geology.

"These talks do not merely point out the problems in the evolutionary model, they focus on actively building the creation model,” said Dr. David Lee, assistant biology professor at PHC.

Winter MountainsThe conference is a gathering of three young-earth creation societies: The Creation Biology Society, The Creation Geology Society, and the Creation Theology Society. They’ve met every year since 2004, with typically around 50-100 attendees. Several regular attendees and presenters were scientists in the Is Genesis History?  documentary.

Biology presentations explore the study of created kinds and the common ancestry of particular organisms. Geology presentations discuss the Flood and fossil evidence for creationism. The titles and abstracts for this year’s presentations will be posted on the Creation Biology Society website in the coming weeks.

“With the advent of our new science program, ‘Environmental Science and Stewardship,’ this conference provides the PHC community with a unique glimpse at how the study of God’s Word informs the study of His world,” Lee said.


While numerous creation conferences are held in the U.S., most of them rely on introductory presentations rather than original academic research. The Origins Conference is different.

“While these conferences have their place, the Origins Conference represents the front line of creation science research,” Lee said. “These talks are not merely anti-evolution, but actually focus on building a positive creation model.”

The conference is open to the public both in-person and online. Tickets can be purchased online until July 18th for those attending in person. Ticket sales for online attendance end on Jul 26, 2022.

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