Top 10 Reasons to Love Homecoming 2015

Posted by Aphrodite Sahinidis on 10/12/15 8:57 AM

Patrick Henry College 2015 Homecoming

1. It was the epic 15th anniversary of Patrick Henry College Homecoming.

This year’s homecoming theme was ‘The Next Chapter,’ as the PHC community welcomed a new president and embarked on a new era.


2. The Investiture of President Jack Haye kicked off Homecoming Week with tradition and class.

Investiture of Jack Haye as Patrick Henry College President

Investitures have symbolized the pursuit of knowledge since the Middle Ages. On September 28, 2015 the Patrick Henry College community formally invested Jack Haye as their president. “Mr. Haye is the definition of a renaissance man. He is the man to which other men aspire,” said Jennifer Olmstead, PHC alumni representative. In addition, the Mayor of Purcellville, Kwasi Fraser, welcomed President Haye on behalf of the Town of Purcellville.


3. Students embodied the greatest characters from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Chronicles of Narnia.

2015 Patrick Henry College Homecoming Costumes
Photo Credit: Mary Katherine


Patrick Henry College senior class 2015 Homecoming
Photo credit: Christine Roe

From freshman to seniors, students’ costumes were on point. The class of 2016 has donned their best attire for homecoming each year—their final year was no exception.


4. But the juniors turned heads with those sleek dodgeball outfits.

Patrick Henry College juniors 2015 Homecoming dodgeball

Ultimately, the juniors were a close second to the sophomores who won the Dodgeball Tournament. As far as matching outfits, however, the junior team was unbeatable.


5. Even though it rained, everyone still rocked the Chalk Competition.

Patrick Henry College 2015 Homecoming chalk art competition The Class of 2016 Chalk Art.

Hurricane Joaquin may have teased the East Coast with a hammering three-day rainfall, but that didn’t put a damper on students’ spirits—or their creative juices for that matter. Senior Christine Roe spent a total of 11 hours drawing her class’s poster.


6. As expected, the Coffeehouse put on great entertainment and even greater food.

Patrick Henry College 2015 Homecoming coffeehouse concert
Patrick Henry College 2015 Homecoming Barbara Hodel Center

Alumni and students put their talent together for some amazing performances. The cherry on top? Homecoming-themed dessert featuring Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Chronicles of Narnia dessert tables.


7. Then again, this senior’s costume could’ve been the only source of entertainment that night and no one would complain.

Mikayla Feil Patrick Henry College 2015 Homecoming
Photo credit: Christine Roe

From turkeys to pandas, senior Mikayla Feil (who was this year’s head of the Homecoming Committee) has many costumes in her wardrobe. For this year’s homecoming, she pulled out a Tauntaun costume, a species of snow lizard found roaming the planet Hoth.


8. With this weekend’s unpredictable weather came the perfect opportunity for spontaneity. 

Patrick Henry College 2015 Homecoming sock hop
Photo Credit: Christine Roe

Although the soccer games were canceled due to weather, the sock hop proved to be a great alternative. Alumni, students, and faculty put on their stocking feet for this 1950’s-style celebration.


9. No one died playing Kajabe Can Can.

Patrick Henry College 2015 Homecoming

Perhaps the possibility of serious injury makes this game so exciting. Students grasp straps around a trashcan and try to drag opponents in the trashcan or get them to release the strap. This alternative to the usual tug-of-war for homecoming was a game of all-around fun.


10. Lastly, and most importantly, the Seniors won. No, that’s actually a lie, the Juniors did.

Patrick Henry College 2015 Homecoming

After it was announced that the senior class won homecoming, the Homecoming Committee discovered miscommunication regarding placement after the video submissions for the Alumni Video Competition. The seniors did not conquer the Sith after all. “In fact, Elrond’s House are feasting and the White Shores are calling,” said the Homecoming Committee. The juniors won Homecoming 2015.


Final Point Tally

Juniors 7950
Seniors 7900
Sophomores 6750
Freshmen 4100




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