Freshmen Stun Upperclassmen with Homecoming Win

Posted by Gabriel Gannage on 10/27/17 3:40 PM

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Homecoming has come and gone, but its memories have left a lasting impression on the minds of the students of Patrick Henry College. 

The homecoming festivities ran the first week of October, providing students with numerous social and recreational activities. The week's end revealed a thrilling win for the freshman with the sophomores close behind.

“In the end, the freshmen simply outperformed the sophomores. They were excited, passionate, and enthusiastic about homecoming and it showed in their participation,” said senior and Homecoming Committee chair Danielle Fife.

Freshmen play dodgeballWhat students came away with was an object lesson in teamwork that applies to more than just sports and education; it applies to life. Homecoming was about togetherness and cooperation. To succeed, each class needed to be skilled but most importantly unified. When it came down to it, the freshman had the teamwork and talent required to win.

“Our costumes were dope," freshman Ben Appleton said. “We as a class possess the wisdom of Gandalf, the physical prowess of Tom Brady, and the overall swagger of Adam Levine.”

However, the freshmen's victory was not clear at first, even as homecoming came to a close. Many students admitted to expecting the sophomores to take home the prize, and the sophomore class was only a few thousand points from success.

Freshmen compete in costume contest“I was quite shocked that we actually won," freshman Leah Holdcraft said. "Also I was proud because we worked hard, and I think we deserved the win.”

The unity shown during homecoming week was a synchronization of the minds of young people who all had the same interest at heart. Whether intentional or not, the individual accomplishments made by each class during homecoming week reflected a lesson of unity, teamwork, and strength that gives aid to all walks of life.

At college, many students struggle to find their place and their niche. This year’s homecoming provided the opportunity for students to know people they could turn to when they needed help, guidance, or simply a lending hand. This is the glue that binds the PHC community together as the close-knit family it is.

“Homecoming represents more than just a competition to win a bunch of points and claim first place,” Leah said. “It’s a time to unite PHC as a whole.”



Reporting courtesy of PHC's The Herald.


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