10 Reasons Why Homecoming 2016 was a Hit

Posted by Christine McDonald on 10/5/16 12:40 PM

Patrick Henry College Homecoming 2016

Homecoming weekend may have been a little wet, but that didn't dampen the spirits of the students or alumni! In fact, here are 10 reasons why Homecoming 2016 was an absolute blast:

 1. The costumes were on point.

Patrick Henry College Homecoming 2016

With the Freshmen as preschoolers, the Sophomores as middle schoolers, the Juniors as parents, and the Seniors aswellseniors, campus was abuzz with baby powder and PJs. 

2. We got to preview Clayton Millhouse as an old man.

Patrick Henry College Homecoming 2016
"Young whippersnappers!"

3. There was more interaction between alumni and students than ever before!

Patrick Henry College Homecoming 2016

Since the format of homecoming was more relaxed than in previous years, it allowed plenty of time for the students to mingle and get to know alumni they'd never met before.

4. Capture the Flag got a little intense.*

Patrick Henry College Homecoming 2016Pouring rain, head-to-toe mud, and complete darkness. Yes. *No students were harmed in the playing of this game. 

5. There was a CARNIVAL on campus!

Patrick Henry College Homecoming 2016
Nothing but fun and games for three solid hours—PLUS amazing food! The event coordinators did a phenomenal job seamlessly pulling everything together.

6. There were kids on campus.

Patrick Henry College Homecoming 2016

Having a gym full of younglings was wonderful (and much needed) medicine for the soul.

7. Stephen "Pops" Williams was the Alumni chapel speaker.

Patrick Henry College Homecoming 2016 Stephen Williams

It was great to see the beard and hear the jolly laugh once again! 

8. The Homecoming shirts were A+.

Patrick Henry College Homecoming 2016Homecoming_2016_Alumni_Chapel-22.jpg









Credit to Kent Hoshiko for the awesome design and fresh new look! 

9. The Alumni beat the Students for the first time in the traditional football game

Patrick Henry College Homecoming 2016 alumni vs. student football game

14-6. They were pretty stoked. 

10. The Alumni Dinner was the biggest alumni gathering yet in the history of PHC!

Patrick Henry College Homecoming 2016 alumni dinner

From the gorgeous venue to the mouth-watering food, Alumni from every class since 2002 enjoyed the evening in wonderful fellowship. 

What was your  favorite Homecoming memory? Share in the comments below!

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