PHC Students Get the Chance to Visit Israel

Posted by Patrick Henry College on 9/30/17 8:48 AM


Patrick Henry College, in association with Passages, will be taking a group of students to Israel in the summer of 2018 from May 27 to June 7.

The $600 cost covers everything (airfare, lodging, food, and tours). This is a great opportunity to walk where Jesus walked and to learn more about the contemporary Middle East. 

Here's how Passages describes their program: 

"Modeled after the Israel Birthright program that sends American Jews to Israel, The Philos Project in partnership with The Museum of the Bible, created Passages in 2015. Passages sends hundreds of Christian college students on a ten-day trip to Israel. These Israeli flagstudents see and experience the land that Jesus loved and walked. As they visit Biblical sites, they gain a better understanding of the Bible and grow in their Christian faith."

PHC sophomore Sarah Roberts went on a Passages trip to Israel last year (her trip wasn't through PHC).

"Traveling to Israel was one of the most impactful experiences to my faith," she said. "To be able to stand in Jerusalem and other biblical sites mentioned in the Bible helped me recognize the reality of such places. It’s one thing to read about them, and a totally different feeling to see them for yourself... It really helped broaden my perspective on life."

With reporting from PHC's student newspaper, The Herald, and photos from Sarah Roberts

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