5 Amazing Sights PHC Students Saw on the Spring Break Italy Tour

Posted by Carrie Durning and Evie Fordham on 3/12/18 9:00 AM

The Vatican

Could spring break vacation get any better than a tour of Rome filled with historic sights and delicious food?

The 25 Patrick Henry College students on this year's Rome trip would probably say no. The students had an expert guide in history professor Dr. Douglas Favelo, who leads a tour group to Italy or Greece every spring break!

Check out what they saw on the trip:


The Colosseum

1. The infamous Colosseum

"On the fourth day of our 10-day guided history tour of Rome, we awoke to a blanket of snow covering the cobblestone streets, monuments, and rooftops. These three inches of snow were the first snowfall in Rome in six years, and the whole city emptied into the streets to enjoy it. Even the Colosseum was closed to prevent injury." — Carrie Durning ('20)



Duomo cathedral

2. The famous Duomo bell tower and a bird's-eye view of Florence 

"The sights from the bell tower in Florence was breathtaking. My eyes were overwhelmed by the beautiful city and Tuscan countryside. Describing the trip to Rome in a couple of words is beyond difficult. It was truly an experience that transported all of my senses to another universe of unexpected bliss." — Diego Lastra ('20)



Roman Forum

3. The Roman Forum 

"The architecture was stunning. To see the actual columns and steps of what was once the greatest empire in the world is an amazing experience. I love this photo because it has an atmosphere of wonder as you see the collision of the old and the new with the tourists set against the ruins of the Roman Forum." — Elias Gannage ('19)



The Vatican

4. The Vatican

"This photo was taken right before we climbed to the top of the dome of the Vatican in the background. We reached the first platform and looked down into the church as though we were hung on the ceiling like the crown molding. When we reached the second platform after hundreds more crooked stairs, we were met with a view of all of Rome, and could even see beyond Rome and into the countryside. It was the last day, after we had walked miles in the city below, and we were able to see it all in one line of vision and remember where we had been." — Hannah Waters ('18)




5. Anywhere with gelato. Yum! 

"Every night around 8:00 p.m., most of us would head towards Come il Latte, Dr. Favelo’s favorite gelateria in all of Rome. It became an unspoken, unplanned event where the students would sit together, enjoy their gelato, and share stories with each other of their different afternoons. The night would end at different times for different students, but all would be together again each morning, ready for a new adventure in Rome. " — Carrie Durning ('20)

Rome tour

 Wish you were in this selfie as much as we do? Comment below with a country you would love to have a guided tour of!


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