What I Learned as a Teen Leadership Camps Coordinator

Posted by Rachel Cochrane on 7/21/20 12:02 PM

Teen Camps Virtual 2020

Teen Camps 2020 have come to a close, and we wanted to look back at the last four weeks to get a deeper look at what camps are like. We talked to coordinator Kali Jerrard to get a bird’s-eye-view of this year's camps.

Q: What was your job like as Teen Camps Coordinator?

Being the Teen Camps Coordinator involves a lot of detail and administration work as well as sometimes stepping in as a supervisor/leader of people and projects. This job is demanding administratively because I was the person answering emails, calls, questions, etc. I was also the person coordinating meetings, designing social media posts for the camps, and working to get the instructors, counselors, and participating families the things that they need.

My job definitely changed from last summer to this summer, due to the switch from in-person to virtual interactive teen camps. Most of the basic skills transferred over, but this summer involved a lot more sales and marketing due to the skepticism of families regarding virtual camps. Overall, it has been a very rewarding job to have these last two summers!

Q: What was the best part?

I think that the best part of my job is knowing that what I am doing behind the scenes makes the camp experience possible for the kids. I have always loved working with kids, and though my job as coordinator does not give me an active role like the counselors, I know that what I am doing is impactful.

Q: What has God taught you through Teen Camps?

I know that God has taught me to be a team player through Teen Camps. Working these last two summers has taught me how to be patient and empathetic.

Q: How has Teen Camps encouraged you to grow?

I have definitely changed over these last two summers in my skills as an administrator and through my interpersonal skills. Working with a team of people who are all wholeheartedly in their job for the kids to grow spiritually, mentally, and socially is amazing.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of Teen Camps?

The joy that exudes from the kids who participate in camps. I can tell by their faces that what we are doing to make these camps happen means something to these kids.

Q: What makes Teen Camps worth it?

Teen Camps are impactful. I have heard first-hand accounts from students regarding their camp experience, and even the virtual camps were a success this summer. Several kids who were initially skeptical about their registration were pleasantly surprised and decided to participate in more weeks of camps.


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