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Posted by Kiana Nordskog on 10/12/20 1:00 PM

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Here is what you can do with the papers you're proud of!

Sometimes after pouring hours of work and research into a paper, you feel proud of it. You eagerly show the finished product to your friends and your parents, but you want to show more people. What can you do?

Literary journals provide a great opportunity to share the papers you're proud of with your fellow peers. The publication process sharpens your writing and research skills which helps for writing future papers. Most of the majors at PHC have an associated journal to work with.

Here's a few!

1. George Wythe Review

The George Wythe Review is a public policy journal associated with the American Politics and Policy  major. Featuring mainly policy research papers, the review  usually features work written for government classes. After going through three stages of rigorous editing, they publish a polished paper.

The George Wythe Review is a unique feature of Patrick Henry officiallogo-300x265College since not many undergraduate schools offer a public policy journal. Working on the journal is a great resume-building experience as it teaches students how to work on a team among other lessons. 

"Applying to the George Wythe Review is worth it because it is a humbling experience," said Editor in Chief Cole Reynolds. The process helps students to recognize and fix the flaws in their writing. 

Be on the lookout for the newest edition coming out in late October!

2. Westmarch

Westmarch is the Literature major journal, formerly known as The Vessel. Senior Rachel Hankinson chose to rename it to acknowledge the importance of Western tradition. It also refers to J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy and an area in England which helped to protect the country from invading countries. 


Literature is important because it is one of the tools that shapes the minds of others, especially children. Books can help encourage or teach children what is right or wrong. 

Keep an eye out for the newest edition of Westmarch in early November!

3. Alexandria Historical Society Review

The Alexandria Historical Society is back! After a three year long hiatus, the society has begun to host activities and renew the associated journal. 

IMG_2796 1

The Alexandria Historical Society Review seeks to publish papers which help to show the beauty of history and mirrors human nature. 

History is able to capture the imagination of all people through stories and analyses.  The stories illustrate the depravity of sin nature. They also illuminate the redemption that can follow as a result. 

Pick up your copy at the beginning of next semester!

Let us know in the comments below which literary journal you would be most excited to read! 


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