Regaining Ground: PHC's Core Curriculum

Posted by Jackson Katanic on 1/15/20 10:37 AM

Regaining Ground

Patrick Henry College understands the power and importance of traditional values. Accordingly, it seeks to teach these values through its intensive core curriculum, covering a broad array of topics such as history, music, mathematics, rhetoric, science, law, theology, and even economics. All of these are taught from a traditional biblical perspective, and all students take the core regardless of their major.

Through these core classes, PHC seeks to lead students to a deep biblical understanding of the world around them and the tools to apply it to their everyday lives.

Fighting the Decline of Education

PHC not only seeks to preserve traditional Christian values, it also seeks to defend young minds against the marked decline in American educational standards and success.

Observing the precedent of traditional classical education's success, Patrick Henry College chose to develop its core curriculum accordingly to combat the decay of American education.

Preparing Students for Careers

Many colleges and universities have done away with core curricula, believing that these subjects are not useful to their students' future careers. At PHC, we recognize the benefits of holistic education to every future career. Students who study the liberal arts are taught to exercise their minds. Imagine the advantage a journalist has when he knows how to research topics far outside his area of interest or expertise. 

Modern academia has become unrealistic, focusing all of its attention on narrow areas of interest. Patrick Henry College solves this problem with the extensive core curriculum and a strong emphasis on internships.

Cultivating Leaders

The most important reason Patrick Henry College employs a core curriculum is to bring glory to God by cultivating strong Christian leaders. The best adversaries to well-educated enemies of Christianity are Christians who know the issues and can reason with their opponents.

Great leaders ought not be narrow-minded, and Patrick Henry College's robust education gives students the breadth in perspective great leaders need.

Filling in Gaps

PHC's founders observed the lack of schools teaching firm biblical values and producing holistic-thinkers. Their commitment to giving students this sort of education led them to develop the intense 63-credit core curriculum. Through it, they hope to reaffirm God’s undying Word.


About the author:  Jackson Katanic is currently studying Economics and Business Analytics at Patrick Henry College. He plans to attend law school and work in corporate management. Katanic has lived in seven different states and enjoy songwriting and boxing.

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