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Posted by Hannah Gaschler on 2/19/24 1:54 PM

PHC chorale fundraising for southern California tour

Did you know you can financially support the PHC chorale without donating? The chorale, which toured New England last year and plans to tour southern California this year,  recently started using RaiseRight to fundraise for the tours. “The goal is to generate an ongoing bucket of funds that keeps filling through the course of the year,”  said Terry Appleton,  Chorale Support Team Fundraising Coordinator. 

Learn more about the PHC chorale!Here’s how it works. When people purchase an eGift card from a retailer through RaiseRight, the retailer will rebate an amount of money to the chorale equal to a percentage (usually 2-10%) of the eGift card. For example, if someone buys a $100 e-Gift card from Lowe’s (currently offering a 4% rebate), then Lowe’s will send $4 to the chorale.  The eGift card can be used immediately at full value for everyday purchases.

This has the potential to to lower the cost of the chorale tour for students. The cost each year depends on the destination, but this year, each student has to pay $1000 to participate. Funds generated through RaiseRight have so far helped pay for the bus and reduce the number of meals the students will need to purchase.

Join RaiseRight to support the chorale!

When people buy e-Gift cards for places they regularly spend money, like Walmart or Starbucks, that’s an easy way to send the PHC chorale regular donations without spending extra. And, Appleton said that RaiseRight is not as difficult to figure out as people expect. “I have grandparents of chorale members who used it and wrote back to tell me how intuitive and easy it was,” she said. 

Over the last 90 days, 19 people have purchased e-Gift cards that led to rebates of $745. “If that turned into 50 or 100 folks purchasing, we’d be generating significant revenue to support the ongoing tour ministry of the Chorale,” Appleton said.

Patrick Henry College chorale singing


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