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Posted by Leo Briceno on 9/30/20 11:45 AM

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Two years ago, there was a campus-wide game of “assassin” at Patrick Henry College. Contrary to what the name of the game might suggest, it’s not supposed to be an injury-inducing type of game. The objective: be the last man standing in what’s essentially a week-long game of tag. It’s normally a blast, but Patrick Henry College students are competitive.

In a desperate attempt to evade her pursuer, one student fumbled on her way down a flight of stairs, managing to tear her ACL.

Thankfully, wounds like these are few and far between, but injuries are inevitable on any campus. Every year, the soccer season brings with it a few bumps and bruises. A student might trip while on a jog or (like me) dislocate a finger playing football.

Thankfully, Patrick Henry College and Purcellville come equipped to help students quickly reach the professional medical help they need. In the event you need to reach a doctor or urgent care during your time at Patrick Henry College, Resident Assistants, Residence Directors, Student Life, and others with cars will happily take you.

At PHC, we recognize that students' mental health is as important as their physical health. Below is a list of medical facilities in the area for both mental and physical maladies.



On Campus Counseling

Student Life Auxiliary Office

Website: https://www.phc.edu/student-services

Email: Christopher Doyle  cjdoyle@phc.edu or Tracy Carter tbcarter@phc.edu

Virginia Medical Center & Urgent Care

Address: 200 North Maple Ave., Purcellville, VA 20132

Phone: (540) 338-0032 & (540) 338-0177

Website: http://virginiamedcenter.com


Beth Ratchford Counseling

Address: 19 E. Market St., Leesburg, VA 20176

Phone: (703) 801-1035

Website: https://www.bethratchford.com

INOVA Emergency Room – Cornwall Medical Campus

Address: 224 Cornwall St. NW, Leesburg, VA 20176

Phone: (703) 737-7520

Website: https://www.inova.org/locations/inova-loudoun-hospital-cornwall-campus

INOVA Loudoun Hospital

Address: 444045 Riverside Pkwy., Leesburg, VA 20176

Phone: (703) 858-6000

Website: https://www.inova.org/locations/inova-loudoun-hospital

Riverside Faith Based Counseling

Address: 44084 Riverside Parkway Suite 240, Leesburg, VA 20176

Phone: (703) 724-0200

Website: riversidecounseling.net


Loudoun County

Emmaus Family Counseling

Address: 20925 Professional Plaza Suite 320, Ashburn, VA 20147

Phone: (703) 729-2822

Website: efccva.com

McLean Christian Counseling

Address: 2201 Cooperative Way Suite 600, Herndon, VA 20171

Phone: (703) 300-5639

Website: mcleanchristiancounseling.com


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