Living Spiritually at PHC

Posted by Leo Briceno on 1/3/20 12:40 PM

living spiritually

Exercising biblical principles is of the utmost importance to PHC's leadership, so much so that it’s woven into the fabric and identity of the college. Every professor and every lecture is grounded in Christ and His instruction. In fact, many students attend Patrick Henry College in search of a college-level Christian education that will enforce and grow their faith. 

Wing Chapel

Every Tuesday and Thursday each residential wing gathers to discuss the Word of God and students' personal walks with Christ. These student-led Bible studies are organized and spearheaded by the wings' Resident Assistants. These small studies lead students to be more comfortable with sharing and opening up to their neighbors.

Corporate Chapel 

Students and faculty gather together three times a week for corporate chapel. Here, the whole school sings praises and gather to listen to a speaker present a message. It’s these two types of routine meetings that continuously remind students that Christian faith is a priority at PHC, not just an afterthought. It is the cornerstone of our mission, and Chapel helps keep that in perspective.

Sunday-Night Worship

Student-organized Sunday night worship provides students an opportunity to band together for a moment of praise. For thirty minutes, students sing their favorite worship songs, reorienting their minds to the simple but profound being of God.

Faculty-Led Bible Studies

The faculty and professors at Patrick Henry College are deeply interested in seeing their students grow. Robert Spinney is just one of many professors who have hosted bible studies for their students. Dr. Spinney hosts a weekly men’s Bible study every year. By mentoring young men and investing in their lives, Dr. Spinney ensures that all men on campus have an opportunity to pursue God in the fellowship of other young men.

About the author: Leo Briceno is currently studying Political Journalism at Patrick Henry College. Leo has grown up in Northern Virginia and after graduation, plans to stay in the area to work in the news industry in Washington D.C. 


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